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Graduation Day: There Won't Be A Next Time (OOC)

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10,000 Omegadrones to fight

I'll break them up into 5 groups of 2000 each.

Omegadrones have +5 Attack and do +7 Damage; they have +4 Defense and have +8 Tou.

Force Modifier of +10

So each group will have:

ATK: +15

DMG: +17

DEF: +4

TOU: +18

Init: +4

I'll say they have a Morale modifier of +5 given their nature

I'll say there are two groups of 2000 in City Center.

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Wander is going to use her move action to leap into combat with the Omegadrones. They should be flat-footed because her initiative is much higher, so she won't bother feinting. Full power attack, with bat.

Spending 1 HP to remove the drawback from her bat.

1d20+10=27. That's a DC 35 toughness save, plus up to +10 from autofire.

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I'm going to operate on the assumption that Cobalt Templar already had his forcefield up, and simple opened a couple of holes in it when they broke through the water. Thus, I'm going to go with the thought that he can simply Sustain his shielding (which is basically the shapes either joined or layered as much as possible, with a fair bit of room around the bike).

Thus, he should be able to attack, and even move.

Move Action: Move up to the top of the "shell" around the Bike, while still staying grounded to the structure.

All-Out Attack 2: Defense now +3, Attack now +11

Power Attack 2: Attack now +9, DC now 26.

Standard Action: Fire at Group A, Blast Attack

Even with their pathetic defense, 12 isn't enough.

Hero Point Reroll!

Booyah! Natural 20! 29 total!

I'll take the +5 Damage, which means Group A needs to make a Toughness Save DC 31!

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