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Graduation Day: Familiar Faces (OOC)

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The Edges Seize Initiative:

Disco Mark goes first

So we have:

Disco Edge: Seized

Edge: Seized (9 HP)

Wander: 29 (6 HP)

Wonder: 27

Sage: 21 (2 HP)

Disco Sage: 19

Nightlife: 17

Midnight: 12 (5 HP)

Cobalt Templar: 13 (3 HP)

Breakdown: 12

Cobalt Ranger: 8

Disco Edge is not going to do this particularly strategically soundly. Is it because he's fighting the effects of the mind control, or because it's Mark? Well...

He'll go ahead and blast Wander. DC 30 Tou save. (If you fail, regular Mark will spend one of his to help you out.)

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Wander is going to spend a standard action to don her protective eye and earwear that were gifts from Trevor. I've mentioned before that they are a standard part of her equipment, like the bat, so she'll have them.

Move Action for Acrobatic Bluff on Breakdown, Skill mastery DC 28

Spending an HP for a surge action, charging Breakdown, full power attack, all out attack for 3. That's a +15 on the attack roll.

First roll, utter crap! Spending another HP. 1d20+15=27 Not great. DC 35 toughness plus Autofire up to +10.

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Breakdown's sheet, with the Device ranks swapped out for actual powers

Wonder Interposes for Breakdown! (have an HP, Electra)

I'll say she does not pass the Acrobatics check as a result of her Mind Control

A 27 hits her (since she's at DC 15 to hit). That gives Wander the full +10 bonus to her damage.

DC 45 save (Disco Edge spends an HP to activate Wonder's Ultimate TOU)

Wonder is staggered and stunned!

12 Not quite enough to break Breakdown's control, this time.

I'll let Wonder stay stunned.

Sage is up after Electra posts in-character.

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Disco Sage's first attack misses, but Disco Edge spends another HP to have it hit

I'll say that's just with the blade, so that's a DC 27 Tou save, Sorus. But Wander is there with the Interpose! Disco Edge's HP is waaasted. The Edges are running low...

Nightlife switches his Gadget array to Damage 15 (PFs: Accurate 3, Extended Reach 3) (Flaws: Full-Round Action) (the allocation is inefficient, but he has been mind-controlled!) and throws a bomb at Edge.

Regular Edge spends an HP on Ultimate TOU, and is okay.

Midnight is up.

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CT should be next in Init, so I'll go ahead and post here and hold back on IC, just in case we've got a twist going on.

Move Action: Full Speed at Disco Breakdown! I'll say I can't Charge, since there's a few people scattered around. But Flight means never having to say "Could you move, please?"!

Free Action: Switching the Fires of Judgement array to Strike 6 (Extras: Penetrating [5], Feats: Mighty) (the fluff manifestation may sound more Aura-ish, but that'll be fluff only; it's basically pumping up his physical hits only)

Standard Action: Melee Attack with Strike

All-Out Attack 2: Defense now +3, Attack now +11

Power Attack 2: Attack now +9, Strike Toughness DC now 26

19 isn't great, but since he's Stunned, I believe Eddie is flat-footed, and thus has Defense 14.

That will be a DC 26 Toughness Save.

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Round 2

Everybody gets Edge's +5 Inspire bonus this round.

Radio Freedom's saves to shake off being stunned by Mind Control:

Disco Edge, Nightlife, and Disco Sage shake it off this round; the others aren't fighting but aren't moving...yet

On his turn, Edge doesn't horse around: he blasts Breakdown in his fat face. That's a DC 30 TOU save: 31

That's a good roll. Too good. He's bruised

All right, Wander is up

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Wander is going to test Eddie's claims of invincibility the only way she knows how, with hitting.

Move Action, Acrobatic bluff, skill mastery, DC 28.

Standard Action, charge with leaping as movement power. Full power attack, full all-out attack, inspired. So, when all is said and done, that's 15-5+5+5+2= 1d20+22 for the attack.

Spending an HP because I'm not wasting that on a crappy roll. That's a 38. With the Power Attack, DC 35 before a max of +10 autofire.

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