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Three of a Kind (OOC)

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First of all:

Everyone take an HP for being caught unawares by Guy Fawkes' triggered plastic explosives.

This is a Rank 10 Damage effect with a Burst Area. Everyone roll a DC 20 Reflex save, then a DC 25 TOU save. If you pass the Reflex save, roll a DC 20 TOU save instead. If you have Evasion, well, you know how it works.

Go monkey go!

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Crow is down 2 HP and is bruised and stunned. (He has 1 remaining)

Wisp is down an HP and bruised. (She has 1 remaining)

Zap is down an HP and is bruised. (She has 1 remaining)

I need initiative rolls from everyone.

Here is the Fearsome Five's init

Angel goes on 15

Guy Fawkes II goes on 14 (since he has the higher init modifier)

Heka goes on 14

Diehard goes on 12

Blackfire goes on 9

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Azuth, I do know how Evasion works, thanks! (Not sure why you'd want a GM who didn't...) I misread your roll as being underneath 20.

OK, so it looks like this:

Wisp: 26 (uninjured; 1 HP)

Angel: 15

Guy Fawkes II: 14

Crow: 14 (bruised and stunned, 2 HP (1 base+1 for the move action to put on his coat)

Heka: 14 [has prepared a 20 pp Ritual for this encounter]

Zap: 13 (bruised; 1 HP)

Diehard: 12

Blackfire: 9

The four villains you can see are about 30 feet away from the group. Angel is in on her throne, Heka is at her side, and Diehard and Guy Fawkes are menacing the hostages.

Wisp is up, and has 24 hours to reply from the date of this message.

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Free Action: Since he has no reason to believe there are any more teleporters around (and the one that is there can evidently beat his magic) Heka stops maintaining his Nullify Teleport. It's still in his array for the encounter, but he'll have to switch back to it to maintain it. Luckily, he has made plans for what to do when interfering busybodys show up. Nat 20 on a Master Plan for a total of 23 (very good plans) (The assumption with NPCs being that they had time to do this ahead of time, natch) That'll be a +2 bonus for the next three rounds to his allies for all checks.

Move Action: Fly to within blasting range of Zap.

Standard Action: He is going to blast Zap. Put in the wrong value for the first roll; the second time: 30 I believe that hits. That's a DC 25 TOU save, Zap. Remember that your Force Field is not yet up.

Move Action: He flies out of melee range.

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Diehard is stunned. He'll heal his Bruised condition this round and be fine next round.


Blackfire drops his Visual Concealment.

He attacks Zap. 16. As she's currently flat-footed from her stun, that hits.

He grapples her: 27 She is not able to beat that, but I'll say that impossible saves applies for grapples here. Go ahead and roll, LS.

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Guy Fawkes:

Move Action: Guy Fawkes move to within melee range of Wisp

Move Action: He'll surge (take an HP, Azuth) and use his Fast Startle: DC 26 Intimidate check.

Standard Action: He attacks her. (Too bad about wasting that nat-20 from his readied action: that darn high Stealth worked against him. :P ) 19

Okay, so he'll hit her if she's startled, but miss otherwise. That's a DC 23 Tou save if he does hit.

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Dynamic entrance! Crow ports in, hopefully catching Heka by surprise, sandwiches the evil sorcerer's head between his boot and the nice hard ground, then disappears again into the rafters to plan his next move. If a Stealth check is required, Skill Mastery lets him Take 10, with a +12 modifier equals 22. (Hooray for Turnabout).

All Out Attack (+5 Attack, -5 Defense), Power Attack (+5 Damage, -5 Attack) Earth Strike BOOTTOTHEHEAD! (DC 27 Toughness) (1d20+7=20)

Up to you if Crow catches him flat-footed, AA. Dunno if Heka's going to be expecting another teleporter to come in outta nowhere. ;)

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I'm fine with him catching him flat-footed, since Crow is coming out of nowhere!

18. I won't Fiat it; there are still plenty of bad guys in the fight for drama, and Crow's strategy deserves a reward.

Heka failed by 9, so he's bruised and stunned.

11 and 20

He starts falling (but his Force Field stays up)

Go ahead and post IC: don't forget that Heka is flying, so you can't kick him into the ground...this turn, anyway! ;)

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