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It must feed---you, if you are hungry [IC]

Dr Archeville

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Date: March 6th, 2011 (Sunday)

((Continued from The Conquering Mind))

"May I assume that your statements are indicative of a successful use of the nullifier against the 'Conquering Mind,' and that much of the danger is passed?," it said flatly over the comms to Dragonfly. "If so, do either of you, or anyone else at your location, require medical attention?"

While awaiting a reply from the heroine, the futuristic robot's strange mind began calculating the best meal options for her. This was a task it had done many times nine weeks it had been an inhabitant of The Lab. Fortunately for the Lab staff for whom it seemed so interested in providing proper nutrition, the snacks and meals it made did not taste that bad. This was partly explained by the presence of an olfactory sensory suite, as complex as any human's, discovered during one of Miss Americana's examinations of the robot.

Observation: Reactivated internal comms will allow me to directly interface/interact with Lab kitchen equipment remotely. Efficiency of meal preparation should increase by at least 63%.

Internal comms will allow remote/direct access of non-secured doors. Efficiency of delivery of meals and other items are requested should increase 5%.

Internal comms will allow remote/direct access of The Lab HVAC, lighting, security, and other internal automated systems. Efficiency of maintaining efficiency of The Lab should increase 20%.

"If my help is not required," it added, "I shall return to The Lab and see to the heroes held in the nullifier chambers, and to Siren, whom I deposited on the helipad."

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Dragonfly frowned back at the scene of the battle as her motorcycle unfolded out of thin air under her hands. "Think...I'll be okay," she assured the odd robot. She'd certainly felt worse, at least.... "Some injured here, but none critically that I can see. Had to...neutralize some sailors on approach, and Daedalus and Miss Americana fought each other unconscious. Daedalus is being attended to, however, and am transporting Miss Americana back to the Lab myself, and will see to her...mmh. Health and safety." technically

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"Acknowledged," it said flatly. "Will you be requiring my assistance in the Infirmary? If so, you will need increase my security clearance so that I may enter level 12. If not, I shall proceed to the kitchen to prepare post-conflict refreshments. Do you anticipate Friend-Americana regaining consciousness soon?"

Reviewing last recorded contents of kitchen... extrapolating nutritional requirements following prolonged stressful events....

Chicken Waldorf Salad

    Mayonnaise, Low Fat

Bread or Crackers? Sandwich less messy, which Friend-Dragonlfy appreciates, but appearance of smaller portions on crackers will result in greater consumption/intake of nutrients. Will provide both.

Fruit juice blend for rehydration

"Also, shall I release the detained heroes in The Lab's holding cells? If so, you will need to increase my security clearance so that I may enter sublevel -5."

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"Should still have global, emergency clearance," Dragonfly replied as she weaved between the stopped cars still blocking up the streets. should be glad streets seem clear of emergencies - would have to stop and help - delay getting out of this suit "Miss Americana won't need complicated medical aid, but cannot predict time to recovery given her unique...biology. For prisoners, however, will...delay revocation while you help them to get free. And...."

She frowned, but felt compelled to make a rare apology. "....am...sorry about continued security restrictions. Not entirely up to me, and without knowing where you came from relatively unrestricted access would be a large risk."

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"Thank you," it said flatly, "I was not certain if Global Emergency Paramters were still in effect or if they had reverted, either automatically or due to an 'all-clear' signal from you. I shall first check on Siren, whom I deposited on the helipad, and then down to check on Electrolux and Blue Wall."

Observation: Friend-Dragonfly expresses regret over restrictions imposed upon me.

Analysis: Implies Friend-Dragonfly views me as more than 'a simple machine,' and is taking my feelings into consideration.

Conclusion: Indicate to her that no ill-will is perceived, in order to facilitate continued beneficial relationship.

"Apologies appreciated, but unnecessary," it replied, in the same flat tone. "Security protocols are understandable. However, I do hope that, as I continue to work with our Lab-Friends and with other organic beings, I am able to earn the privilege of being permitted freer access to The Lab."

Protectron jetted back to The Lab, keeping an eye out below for anyone in need of assistance.

No imminent threats detected. Citizens appear disturbed and confused by events, but not traumatically so.
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"Generally don't install broad signal-based functions. Vulnerable to intrusion, exploitation, misuse. Edit directly whenever possible. Simple, clean. More interesting."

She'd made good time; with the streets largely clear of other traffic she could indulge in a little speeding; she was no stunt driver, but before too long she was pulling into the Lab's garage levels, and folding her motorcycle away into storage before it had come to a full stop. "Only wanted to apologize, make sure you knew that you are trusted, at least in part. Largely a function of your obscured origin, now. And general safety. Likely wouldn't let me on some floors without founder status."

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"Concerns are valid," the strange robot replied flatly, "though I do maintain that a way to remotely access at least some Lab systems would improve efficiency and functionality. I shall think on the matter more, and present a proposal once I have made sufficient calculations."

No immediate dangers present themselves to the golden robot as it flew over, the loudest sounds its audio sensors detected was the joyous squealing of children, resuming whatever game they had been playing before the hybrid horror usurped their minds and bodies. In little time, it had reached the egg-shaped Lab.

Observation: Organic superheroine Siren is no longer on helipad.


Target located. Flight trajectory indicates she is returning to Star Island.

"I have reached The Lab," it announced to Dragonfly over their comm, "and Siren appears well; you may be able to see her now, as her flight path indicates she is flying towards Star Island. Proceeding to holding cells on sublevel -5 to check on Blue Wall and Electrolux." Protectron flew down and through the ground floor entrance, headed towards the Staff Elevator (which would take it down to the sublevels), but suddenly veered off and headed towards the kitchen.

When Protectron approached the holding cells containing the two heroes, it held two small brown paper bags in hand, each with an assortment of fruits and nuts, and a bottle of sports drink.

Observation: They have been through much, and are likely fatigued. A light snack and rehydrating beverage should be appreciated.

Secondary Observation: Strain of battle with Electrolux has not been fully repaired by internal repair systems. Currently operating at 90% efficiency. Estimated time for repair to full operational standards: 49 minutes 21 seconds.

"Greetings, organic superheroes," it said flatly. "I am Protectron. Pending a verification of your well-being and lack of infection by the recent hybrid macroorganism that held most of the city in its sway, I shall release you. Please, tell me, how are you feeling?"

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