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He Fights Meta Than You [OOC]


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DC 31? Pah (1d20+15=23) Stun? Urgh, he'll ignore the stun.

Jack: 4 HP

Meta-Grue: Bruised

Geckoman: 2 HP

Seeing as Jack's a good fighter, perhaps the Grue needs to shrink somewhat (to Large), erecting his Force Field. Then he'll spend his move action Shape-Shifting up:

Hulk! Enhanced Strength 15 (to 30)

Giant bone knuckles Strike 3 (Mighty)

Attack +10 / DC +13

Defence +8 (-1 from Growth, +3 flat-footed)/Toughness +18 (Impervious 8)

Offensive stance, and then... WHAM: DC 28 smashin' (1d20+12=31)

Misses due to Jack spending a HP to double his Dodge. Down to 3 again.

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psst... when's this going down?

When I figure out how it fits into the current big Geckoman storyline timeline-wise?

Ouch. Okay, Jack will throw out a DC 26 Taunt as a move action, then make another Power Attack 5 (1d20+12=25) Same deal as before, probably making full Autofire again with his Offensive Stance taken into account.

Resisting the taunt (1d20+11=21)

Dc 31 save! (1d20+15=28)

Another bruise on the Meta-Grue!

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DC 36 fricking Toughness (1d20+16=18)

Take your damn Fiat HP and stick it up your...

1d20+16=25 Another bruise!

Geckoman flies to achieve RAMMING SPEED.

The Meta-Grue will Shrink to teeny-tiny size. His Attack caps at +16 for the Radiation, and his Defence caps at +17 for his +9 Toughness (I'm not dealing with stupid UP Shrinking, which sucks Toughness at no loss in price. It'd also make his defence insane due to trade-offs)

Then he make your face asplode: DC 25 DEEEEATH (1d20+16=18)

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Jack drops down and makes a Power Attack 5 (1d20+12=28) If the Meta-Grue's Defense is still 20, that's enough for DC 31!

That's probably enough to take Tiny out of the fight, but just in case... SURGE! Power Attack 5 (1d20+12=13)

What? No. Re-roll SURGE! Power Attack 5 (1d20+12=24) Better. DC 29.

Jack's either down to 1 or 2 HP, I'm not sure...

... y'know what, it doesn't matter. It's gone, dude.

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