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Defense Bonus and Flat-Footed/Dodge Bonus

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According to the official MnM2E FAQ , the first point (and all odd numbers) of Defense Bonus are the Flat-Footed Defense while the second point (and all even numbers) are Dodge Bonus. So a character with a Defense Bonus of 3, has a Flat-Footed of 2 and a Dodge Bonus of 1.

Please see the text entry in the MnM 2E FAQ at the bottom of page 1:

"How do you determine what your dodge bonus is (that is, how much of your defense bonus you lose while flat-footed)? One-half (round down) of the defense bonus you take for a character is a dodge bonus. So, if you pay 18 power points for a character to have +9 defense, then +4 of that (or half of 9, rounded down) is that character’s dodge bonus. When the character is flat-footed or otherwise denied dodge bonus, defense drops from +9 to +5 (losing the +4 dodge bonus). If you’d paid 22 power points for +11 defense, the character’s dodge bonus would be +5 (half of 11, rounded down) and the character would have +6 defense (+11, less the +5) when denied dodge bonus. Now, with feats like Dodge Focus and some other traits (particularly powers), characters may increase their dodge bonus. For example, the character with +9 defense has a +4 dodge bonus, but if the character also has Dodge Focus 2, then she has a +6 dodge bonus (for a total of +11 defense), however, the character’s flat-footed bonus is still +5, since the Dodge Focus bonus is lost along with the rest of the character’s dodge bonus to defense."

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This is the way I've always thought about it:

12 Defense = 6 flat-footed

11 Defense = 5 flat-footed

10 Defense = 5 flat-footed

9 Defense = 4 flat-footed

8 Defense = 4 flat-footed

7 Defense = 3 flat-footed

6 Defense = 3 flat-footed

5 Defense = 2 flat-footed

4 Defense = 2 flat-footed

3 Defense = 1 flat-footed

2 Defense = 1 flat-footed

1 Defense = 0 flat-footed

0 Defense = 0 flat-footed

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According the FAQ, it's actually this way (which is what I've been trying to explain to everyone - you guys are doing it backwards):

12 Defense = 6 flat-footed, 6 dodge

11 Defense = 6 flat-footed, 5 dodge

10 Defense = 5 flat-footed, 5 dodge

9 Defense = 5 flat-footed, 4 dodge

8 Defense = 4 flat-footed, 4 dodge

7 Defense = 4 flat-footed, 3 dodge

6 Defense = 3 flat-footed, 3 dodge

5 Defense = 3 flat-footed, 2 dodge

4 Defense = 2 flat-footed, 2 dodge

3 Defense = 2 flat-footed, 1 dodge

2 Defense = 1 flat-footed, 1 dodge

1 Defense = 1 flat-footed, 0 dodge

0 Defense = 0 flat-footed, 0 dodge

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And, according to all the stats for characters from the GR books, they've been doing it "our" way, too.

And more, much more than this, I did it my waaaaaaay!

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And, according to all the stats for characters from the GR books, they've been doing it "our" way, too.

There are most certainly errors in the books - the editors are people and people make mistakes =)

I think we decided to keep doing it as we always have so we don't have to go get every sheet edited.

That's reasonable. I didn't expect everyone to suddenly go aback and correct their characters. I only brought it up because I didn't like being told that I was wrong even though I knew I was not--that's all. Please return to your regularly scheduled PbP =)

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