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  1. poop. i guess stinger will have to be a tier 2 villain for the moment (until she comes over to the lightside, if she goes that route).
  2. When Hellion holds out his hand, Stinger looks at it for a moment. She briefly has a puzzled expression. The idea of shaking someone’s hand after fighting them seemed odd to her. For a moment she even considers trying to pickpocket him, but she decides against it because, if she gets caught, he might stick her with the tab. Still, he implied that he might pay her money for something done later. No point in being rude. She holds out her hand in a casual, feminine manner and briefly lets him shake it. She says, "Guess I’ll see you around, Firebug." After he departs, she grabs all the leftovers and bags them up. There’s no point in letting good food go to waste – especially since she doesn’t know whether the next day will bring her fortune or loss. She heads out, back to her home in a box.
  3. Elfy

    Late Night Soar [OOC]

    guess ma's not going to listen to reason ; ) stinger could still roll a natural 20 (hey, you never know =) ) regarding initiative, let's see how your post goes before we determine that =)
  4. no point in picking a fight. she might pickpocket him on a later occasion. you never know =3 sure. a wrap-up post sounds okie dokie =)
  5. Stinger follows along quietly as the tour continues. She listens and looks as the old man points out the surrounding features. Particularly, she takes note of the food freely available. Only then do her arms drop to her sides. She only gives the alpha team a quick look-over before heading over to the food tables. She grabs a plate, utensils, glass, and two paper napkins before quickly filling her plate with a variety of food and filling her glass with sweet tea. She doesn’t bother waiting on anyone and sits at the first open picnic table. She doesn’t waste anytime and digs into her food right way. Only after she has a couple of bites does she bother looking around at the others. Looks like some of the boys are hanging out together. Suits her just fine; she can focus on eating.
  6. i'm out of ideas as to what to do next ?=/
  7. Stinger enjoys her tea and pizza. Although she starts to loose momentum by the third slice, she manages to make it through six pieces. After she eats her fill, she slowly drinks her tea until the glass is empty. She pushes her empty glass aside and rests her arms on the tabletop. She says, "Good food. I appreciate the meal."
  8. Stinger quietly follows along. Her arms remain folded across her chest, but her eyes actively roam around. She listens and observes the others around her and goes about learning the layout of the building. So far she finds the orientation tour rather uninteresting, but it’s good to know the basics. She’s not too thrilled with the room accommodations though. Having to share a room with one other girl? Sure. That was to be expected. But five roommates? And some of them boys? Some girls might like it, but not Stinger. Still, it beat living in a cardboard box on the streets.
  9. Stinger smells the pizza before she sees it and turns her head to look towards its direction. A small smile forms on her lips as the waitress approaches their table and puts the pizza pan down. Looking at the pizza, she excitedly comments, "Let’s dig in," only a moment before she grabs the serving utensil and helps herself to it. She quickly puts piece after piece unto her plate until she has half the pizza piled there. She grabs the parmasian cheese shaker and covers her pizza with the powdered cheese. She takes her fork, cuts off a piece from one of the slices on her plate, and takes her first bite. As she chews it, it's clear that she's enjoying the taste by the warm expression that comes over her face. She doesn’t talk for the first few minutes after the pizza arrives, concentrating on eating bite after bite of the delectable food and drinking her sweet tea. After she makes her way through the first slice of pizza on her plate, she comments, "It’s great. I love this place. Thanks!" She starts working on slice number two. Her demeanor seems to steadily improve as she works her way through the second slice.
  10. With her attention on the old man, it takes Stinger a moment to notice the quiet mime approaching her. She notices too late to see him phase though the wall and bookcase. She turns her head slightly towards him and raises an eyebrow. Mimes creep her out. She only gives the other new arrivals a quick look. Only ten of them total. Small school. She casually listens to the old man speak. After he’s done with his introduction, she follows along while he leads them on the tour. She keeps her arms folded across her chest as she walks. Her eyes habitually look around, noting each window, door, skylight, and other means of egress she comes across. A thief never knows when the cops will show up and she likes to know the quickest ways to make an exit in case trouble comes a calling. She doesn’t react noticeably after the old man answers the question posed by the visor-wearing teenager. His answer doesn’t much matter to herâ€â€she’s here for the free room and board offer. She doubts it’ll be worse than living with her father, but if it turns out to be as bad or worse then she will just go back to living on the streets again.
  11. Elfy

    Follow Up Attack

    In my own games, i let them do damage once for the hit, but they can choose one of the other options (i.e., not damage) for their grapple if they win.
  12. Elfy

    Late Night Soar [IC]

    Stinger remarks, "What I’m set on is getting some money tonightâ€â€one way or the other." She keeps her fists up and comments, "You seem pretty confident you’d win. You have some tricks, I’ll grant you that, but you look like a feather weight to me." She can’t help but to smirk behind her fists at her jest. As she slowly moves around the girl, she says, "I’m generally not much into talking; I’m more of an action girl. But I am cute. Thanks for noticing." She smiles behind her fists. She says, "I’m not worried about collateral damage, but you should be. Reminds me of the other day when I got my butt kicked. I was working on a car. If that stubborn hero boy would have just let me take the car in the first place, it would have been just a single car stolenâ€â€no big deal. They probably had insurance anyway. Instead several cars were destroyed and lots of other things got messed-up too. So I’m sure the fine folks that make this their home would prefer loosing a few dollars over having their place trashed."
  13. On the first subject, Stinger replies, "I don’t have any immediate goals besides money. I live my life day-by-day. I like the freedom I have, but not the uncertainty it brings with it. I just haven’t figured it all out yet." She brings one palm up and rests her cheek against it. To the boy's second line of questions, she answers, "I don't really know. Depends on the situation at the time, I guess. Options are nice; usually I don’t have many." She looks towards the waitress, wondering when their food is going to arrive.
  14. She sips her tea. Stinger replies, "So, like you tricked the Devil and he’s looking for payback or something? Weird." She stretches her arms out above her head, bends to each side once, and then brings her arms back down to rest against the tabletop as she waits for the pizza to arrive. She asks, "I take it you’ve been here before. You live around here or something?" She rubs her cheek once.
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