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A Picnic At Liberty Park (OOC)

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OK, our initiative order is:

Swarm: 22

Fleur de Joie: 18

Bee-Keeper: 12


Dark Star: 8

Dark Star gets 2 extra HP because he's defending his girlfriend (hey, I'm a traditionalist) and because of his Secret Identity; Fleur gets 2 extra HP because of her Secret Identity and because her enemy the Bee-Keeper has shown up.

Not being very smart, the Swarm holds its action until the Bee-Keeper's turn. Fleur, you're up.

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Bee-Keeper spends his action ranting; looking around unsuccessfully to try and find Fleur de Joie.

The Swarm makes use of its Anatomic Seperation; one-half tries to pin down Stesha, while the other half attacks Derrick. That's a DC 16 Fortitude Save to avoid a Dex Drain, and a DC 15 Concentration check (thanks to the swarm's linked Environmental Control) to be able to make the Concentration check to drop your normal identity. (Basically, that's giving you two checks.)

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