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Go For Broken (IC)

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It was getting quite late, and they had been at this for hours, but they had made pretty good progress recently, so the hours were bareable at least. Laid out on the table before them was the blue prints and specs for a building. They were of decent quality, and there were scribbled notes and diagrams every where that they could fit. There were so many arrows and circles that not even John Madden could follow what was goiing on just by looking at the thing. In short, this was the least glorious, but by far the most important step in any criminal's career, the planning stage.

"... and then we'll meet up here. Got it?" Said Malice as he pointed out a location on the schematics. He was wearing the suit, but his helmet was off. The life support systems of the suit have the added bonus of making him more resilient to the effects of long hours. It also made him look a little more imposing, which also helped grind some of the more subtle points into a certain fool's head. "Alright, now repeat the plan back to me."

Malice had been going over the plan step by step, and made Captain Knievel repeat each step over and over again. If they screwed up, they were pretty much dead.

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"Alright. So the first thing we do is create a distraction. The both of us are free to choose what that might be. Personally I plan on using the new settings in this thing," He gestured at the Adrenaline Cannon Mk III strapped to his right arm. "to cause some chaos in the streets. After I toss my third car or so, I'll high tail it to the gates."

Captain Knievel thought hard. This was actually quite difficult for him. He had a great tactical mind, but he usually dealt with spur of the moment tactics when he was outnumbered and the situation was bad. He wasn't used to the type of planning that was meant to put HIM at the advantage.

"Now you said you were going to fire off some of those rockets of yours and knock down the front gates. At that point I rush in and bust some heads." Captain Knievel planted his right fist into his left palm with a dull packing sound.

Captain Knievel waited for approval before he continued. "That's good so far, right?" Then he frowned. "Um...What comes after that?"

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"What comes after that," Called a voice from the door. "Is you get someone who has done soemthing like this before." Both men turn to see a tall man in dark blue costume saunter in with an array of weapons on his person. "Long time no see fellas, how are the wife and kids?"

Ronin went over the Plans witht he two. "So I think I can handle one of these bunkers by myself."

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"About time you showed up, I was beginning to wonder if you had chickened out. Yeah, according to my intel, there's less than 10 people stationed in each bunker, a real token force. At least two are scientists without much combat know-how; there's only there to keep the generators up. Unfortunately, these people are careful. If the output of any of the generators so much as wiggles, the whole base is put on full alert. There's really not much we can do about that. We just have to hit them hard and fast enough that they can't muster all of their forces quickly enough. If they get up and running, we're screwed. Every military officer stationed there is an elite soldier, the very best of the best, and then they've got technology probably a few decades more advances than normal people.

So here's how we'll hit it. We'll leave bunker 1 for last as it's the closest to our desired point of entry. I'll take number 3 as it's the furthest away, and I'm faster than either of you. Captain, you take bunker 4, and Ronin, you take bunker 2. Use a much or as little finesse as you want, so long as the generators cease functioning 1 minute after you make contact. Once you've destroyed your bunker, head to bunker 1, and wipe it off the map. That's phase one, any questions so far?"

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"No. I think we are on the level about step number one." Captain Knievel had met Ronin with a short nod. They were all about the business tonight. there wasn't much time to be spared for talk of women and children...well women maybe...

Captain Knievel shook his head to clear it. "The next step after that was the communications tower right? I think I remember the words, 'Bring it down!' being involved. Is that part of the plan still on?" Captain Knievel looked at Ronin once more. If they were going to pull this off they were going to need to utilize everything. "Maybe while you and I are destroying Generator 1, Ronin can rig the communications tower to explode?"

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"So when you say take down the bunker, you mean level the building or just dust the losers working there?" He paused and tilted his head. "If it doesn't matter I got the tools for either job." Ronin took out a large block of Plastique. "Special order from a freind."

"Same thing for the communications tower. It'll be gone faster than you can say "free cable". Though I think the place is going to be hot after we go through the gate maybe I'll need back-up."

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Malice turns his head very slowly to Captain Knievel. He then points at his face. "See this? This right here is my face." He then holds up his right hand, opened wide. "See this? This right here is my hand. Specifically, this is my palm." Malice then turns very slowly towards his right hand. "Watch this part real carefully now. You paying attention? Good. Alright now watch."


"We want to destroy the bunkers. Specifically, the generators inside of the bunkers. Specifically, the generators powering the force fields. Specifically, the force fields that PREVENT US FROM GETTING ANYWHERE NEAR THE BUILDING!!!" Malice let's his voice finish echoeing off the walls before continuing.

"We take out the fields and make sure they're not coming back on any time soon, if that means leaving a bit smoking crater in the ground, then so be it. Once the fields are down, we run as fast as we can to the base. You and Ronin take out the communications tower here, with extreme prejudice. If they manage to restore communications at any point during this mission, we're done for. I repeat: Make sure nothing is salvageable. If you're not sure, blow it up again. While you two are doing that, I'll be heading towards the hangar bays. I'll be doing my best to destroy as many choppers, tanks and mechs as I can before they get off the ground. If they get operational while we haven't gained access to the compound yet, we'll be in for a hell of a fight. So that means you'll have to take care of the ground troops yourselves, along with any vehicles they've already got off the ground. Are we clear this time?"

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"Okay, yea" Captain Knievel seemed more receptive when the talk involved explosions and extreme prejudice. Those were two things he was very good at.

"Consider that communications tower leveled. Now after that thing bites the dust and you are done dealing with a few of their larger units, we take out as many ground troops as possible while we try to meet up here-" Captain Knievel placed a finger on the map near the doors to an inner section of the base.

"If I remember you correctly, we need to hack the security systems to get into that other building." He pointed again "Which makes this building our first stop once inside the fortress, correct?" Captain Knievel rubbed his chin for a second. "I assume that we can't just torch the security system. Hacking means hacking. That being the case, I assume that you are going to do it. I know I am no good with computers. What about you Ronin?"

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Ronin nodded. "Crystal," he said. "Scorched earth, my kind of op." Ronin put away the block of C-4. "We got some way to communicate, if things get FUBAR?" Ronin stayed mostly quiet as he examined the map and listened to the plan.

Ronin rubbed his chin. "I'm pretty good at anything. Though that looks like his sort of thing," he said indicating Malice. "But yeah I can do it."

After listening Ronin checked his weapons and ammo. "Alright boys I think I'm ready to go.

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A portal opens in mid-air. It floats there seemingly with no respect to physicss or geometry, being both perpendicular and parallel to the floor at the same time. With the others getting a glimpse of what lays beyond, The Vestige steps out of the portal and joins the others.

"I have made the appropriate arrangements for that, demon."

Turning towards Malice, The Vestige asks him a question. "I take it that you have planned everything through? Did you take into account any and all possibilities?"

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"All possibilities is not feasible. If my research is correct, the impossible is what they do. However, I've planned for everything I know we're encountering, and I designed my systems to be as adaptable as possible, in preparation for the unforeseen. All right, now that I know for sure everyone is here and willing to go through with the mission. Here's the final version of the plan..."

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A few hours later the entire team was standing atop a hill looking over the strange government complex that "didn't exist".

"Alright boys. If everyone's ready, let's get this party started!" Captain Knievel walked off to the side an hefted an enormous boulder. He got ready to shot-put it at one of the guard towers in front of the building. He planned to lob it, and then sprint towards the tower. Hopefully he would be able to arrive just as the boulder landed. Resting the boulder on his shoulder momentarily, he asked, "Anybody got dibbs on that guard outpost there?" He pointed to the one he planned on aiming the boulder at.

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Before they would make the attack, The Vestige briefs them on their communications capability.

"I am using a spell that would allow each of us to communicate mentally with one another as long as sender and recipient are withing one mile of each other and of me. Hopefully this would be enough range for our purposes and that there will be a lot less unnecessary chatter."

He then faces Captain Knievel. "That means you Knievel. If I hear more inane speech coming out of your orifice, I will personally remove it and make it look that there never was anything there. I feel as if a little bit more of my intellect degrades when I listen to your incessant chatter."

"By the way, feel free to attack that outpost. I will take the one furthest out from our location."

He then begins chanting in an ancient tongue as stray wisps of lightning dance around his flesh.

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Belphegor had been studying Bunker #2 as best he could from their spot, breaking his examination to chuckle at Vestige's words to Knievel. "I'm not sure which one I'd be rooting for in that fight."

The demon turned back to his 'assigned' bunker, and debated internally on which way to approach it. Fly in, roaring, fists blazing? Or sneak in, disguised as one of their own, maybe get in some misdirection before bursting out from among their ranks? Ah, decisions, decisions....

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You each got into position around the desert complex. It's no surprise that the complex has gone unnoticed, the bunkers are meant to look like rocky out cropings. It was just another empty stretch of land as far as you could tell. The bunkers were only about as big as a moderately sized room, though there did appear to be a second floor below ground. From your vantage point(s) you can see 3 guards in the bunker along with stairs leading downstairs. A guard's life is apparently incredibly boring as all of the guards are occupied doing something menial and distracting. Their look out consists of occasionally looking over their shoulder or over the top of their magazine. It seems doubtful that they're notice you approaching unless you draw attention to yourselves.

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Before setting off towards his designated target, The Vestige turns toward the others and speaks. "Happy hunting gentlemen."

He begins to take a step but before his foot touches the ground, he appears (in the eyes of those watching) right in front of his bunker. His hand shimmers as time moves quicker and quicker in its vicinity. He swings at the bunker but the amount of energy he's handling causes the strike to miss by quite a large margin.

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Watching the display of magical energy that the Vestige employed, Captain Knievel took one look at the rock in his hand and scoffed. "@#$% that then..." Dropping the rock where he stood he sprinted down to the bunker that he was supposed to attack.

Aiming for the hole in the wall that the guards were using for their guns, Captain Knievel sent a quick get of orange flame through the opening. Toasting the guards inside. "Burn Suckers!"

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Ronin had already begun sprinting when the Vestige moved. He couldn't hope to match his monstrous speed but that was not why he was here. Machine gun fire raked the ground in front and behind him as he raced across the compound but he was past it before the dust began to descend.

As he reached the entrance the door banged open and flame wreathe soldier stumbled out, screaming and thrashing. Ronin brushed past he sizzling form without stopping. As he cleared the door way soldiers launched to the their feet, swingeing their rifles, fingers frantically trying to pull the trigger. Too late. With a silent flash Ronin's blades cleared their sheathes. The room lit up with automatic fire. The mercenary dived into them. The bunker filled with the scorching stench of gun powered, and the final screams of frantic last stands. Ronin's sword's slashed through firearms and the much softer flesh beneath. Men ran, but not fast enough. Some pleaded but it was a waste of their last words, on a man who had no use for mercy.

When he was done the room he had entered was still. He wiped his blades on a trooper's uniform.

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Belphegor glided as silently as he could towards his objective, Bunker #2, though he did occasionally have to flap his great wings to get enough lift. I could probably figure out some way to fly more quietly, like those demonic owls I saw... but then again, sometimes I want them to hear me coming!

Once he reached the bunker, he stopped and hover a foot or so over the center of roof. He concentrated a moment, remembering the lessons on channeling his infernal energies he'd learned while trapped in that hell-dimension.

"O, building made by mortal hearts,

Burn in my flames, now - blow apart!"

Belphegor's body erupted into a gigantic black screaming fireball, engulfing most (if not all) of the bunker.

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Ronin charges deep into the bunker, leaving the guards above to be torched from Knievel's attack. On the level below, he finds 3 guards struggling to their feet to fend off the attackers. Ronin makes quick work of two of the guards, while the third managed to throw the table in front of him for cover, which prevented the fatal blow. Ronin can hear frantic voices behind a thick metal door along with an electric hum.


Belphegor's attack is particularly destructive. Five of the guards and the two scientists are wiped out, and there is severe destruction to the bunker itself. Belphegor can see what must be the generator, but he can also see that it it still works.

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Now that his team is on the offensive and no major problems have been reported so far, Malice goes on the offensive. He jets to his bunker and lands just outside of it. He arms his Liberation Cannon and floods the bunker with side winder missles. They find their way into every nook and cranny and detonate everywhere. Only one of the guards is left standing. Even the generator is taken out. "Generator 3 down. Beginning clean up before moving onto next objective." Malice announces over the communication link up.

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The Vestige hears the sound of others taking down the other guards and thinks to himself. These others do not know how to do things properly. I'll show them how it's done...

With that, time again moves faster around his hand, the raw power involved causing his hand to shake rapidly as everything exiting and entering the area generate an ever increasing amount of kinetic energy. He thrusts his hand and this time it makes contact with the bunker.

The magical spell begins to spread rapidly across the entire bunker until the whole thing is quickly disintegrated by hundreds of millenia of erosion. Soon enough, the whole thing has turned to dust with the occupants left behind to stare directly at their attacker.

A smile cracks from behind his mask as The Vestige admires his handywork. This is how you do it.

"Mortals! Pray now to whatever gods you worship for a safe journey to the netherworld. You will be joining your comrades soon enough as you fall by my hand!"

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