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  1. Well I would like to say I got some really good reason for not posting, but I don't. I kind of don't really want to play my char as much (I got reasons but they are kind of crappy). I mean I'll be back, I always come back, I'm just not sure when. I agree with the proposed rules and recommend you begin recruiting if you can find others. Till then place me on backup. Hopefully I'll be back within three months. Once again sorry all. Also I don't really know what happened to ex3.
  2. Ok will Power Attack and ALL out attack. This leaves me with +3 to DEF but brigns my ATK bonus back to +8 +5 so it si 13. Woot http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2352918/ Ok so I I rolled a 20. So the DC is 32. 12+15+5. whooo.
  3. All-Star hit the ground hard, getting a mouthful of dirt. He heard Jack shouting and felt a little sick. The guy was half dead and putting up more of a fight than he was. He staggerrd to his feet ready to unleash his anger on the giant monster, only to see it fall on its face as Colt peppered its back with bullets. Still furious All-Star released his pent up rage on the nearest demon. He hit the creature so hard he launched it over the horizon.
  4. The world hurt. Opening his eyes was like stabbing them with rusty syringes, but All-Star did it anyway. He flexed his muscles, and pain shot up to his brain. But he clamped down and staggerd to his feet. He almost passed out again. Had he just gotten his ass kicked? He snorted. Unlikely. He found he had the strength to fly and floated a little to get his orientation right. He saw Grim and Colt going towards the demons. Were they the only two Interceptors who made it? God, he had thought he would save the world. But it just looked like he would get a front row seat to the end. He didn't have much strength left but he would use what little he had left. He shot directly towards the horde. I hope you bastards choke on me.
  5. Ok some edits to All-Star I want to spend 8 of my unspent power points. First I want to up spend 1pp on the feat: Interpose. Then I want to place 4pp into his blast array so it looks like this Blast 12 (High Energy Stream/Energy; Extras: General Area Shape-able; Flaws: Distracting; Power Feats: Progression 4 [140 ft total])[28/28pp] AP: Blast 13 ( Plasma Blasts/Energy ; Extras: Penetrating 11; Flaws: Distracting; Power Feats: Accurate 2, Precise 2) [28pp/28pp] AP: Enhanced Strength 20 (Energy Infused Muscles; Extras: Penetrating 8) [28/28pp] Then I want to put 2pp into his Enhanced Con to get this: Enhanced Constitution 20 ( Extras: Impervious Toughness 8)[28pp] Then I want to add another AP to his Blast Array: AP: Snare 12 (Ice Breath/ Cold; Extras: Cone Area; Flaw: Distracting; Power Feats: Progression 4 [140 ft total])[28/28pp] I'm going to hold unto the last point, though I think it might already be spent on the Interceptors HQ. Done by Sandman XI. Though I clarified the Penetrating and the Blast and Flight Array
  6. For the record I'm not down. Someone *cough* was supposed to do a team up attack with me, but it is alas too late.
  7. Hmmm I suppose it has. Maybe we should have a christmas party. :D
  8. All-Star cleaned his ear with his finger. "Well thats good enough for me." Actually it was more of a promise than he had gotten form the other Interceptors, more than he had made himself. This guy was strange. He turned to Colt. "Well I'm wearing pants. Besides Blink was a soldier or soemthing right. I bet she checked out all kinda naked guys." He toweled down his hair as he spoke then smiled as he thought of something. "Unless she was in one of those all women units like in the shows that come on after 10pm." He nodded as he thought. "That would be hot. Gonna go hit the showers and make myself something to eat. He pointed at Electron. "Maybe you can tell me about this creator of yours. Later." Then he lifted slowly off the ground and flew away, thinking about a shrimp po boy.
  9. 24 - Jack 18 - Colt 14 - Blink 13 - Grim 11 - Razorwing 10 - All-Star 9 - Demons
  10. One large demon, who had dug its claws into the ground to keep form being blown away, reared up, glad to take the vampire lord's challenge. It towered over the assembled heroes. IT threw it's crested head back and released a powerful roar, that cut into a pained scream as it clamp it's hand on its neck. Black ichor poured down its shoulder as All-Star jammed a massive piece of the creature's own broken off horn into it's neck. The youth was a grisly sight. Horrific gouges criss-crossed his skin, and he blood seeped from large punctures, left by teeth. Black blood stained every unmarred inch of skin. It congelad on his arms and clotted in his hair. One of his eyes was complete shut. His wide grin was made monstrous by a jagged tear in his lower lip. He gave a wild scream as he tired to jam the horn deeper. He was snatched out of the air by a taloned hand, and slammed hard enough into the ground to make the earth tremble. Before he could think to struggle, a massive fist engulfed his upper body hammering him into the ground. The immense pressure squeezed the air of of his chest, but he could not open his mouth to scream. Then it stopped. All-Star opened his good eye to see the demon raising its massive fist again. It seemed to take forever to fall. A scaled appendage the size of small car. It hammered into him again. Somewhere in his body something popped. When he opened his eye his was being lifted into the air. He had blacked out. His body was strangely numb. THe demon reared back and hurled All-Star at the mansion. He collided with a tremendous thwack and and bounced off. Landing in a heap. Right in front of Razorwing.
  11. 1d20+12=19, 1d20+12=17, 1d20+12=19, 1d20+12=20 wow did not get over 10 once so 8 wounds.
  12. All-Star cme walking out in, his workout sweats. He draped a towel aroudn his shoulders to keep the perspiration from his hair from running down his back. He took a minute to take in their new guest. Great. Another robot. He leaned over to Razorwing and whispered. "Fifty bucks says, the first time he gets hit by lightning, he tries to kill us in our sleep." He turned to the new comer. "Look I've seen Terminator and Wargames. You got some sort of robot promise to not try to kill us weak flesh beings?" His tone was light but not entirely flippant, the question itself was realtively serious.
  13. Oh.... well yeah that is much better.
  14. 1d20+12=20 hmm I know my hot rolling would come to an end. HP for reroll as I don't want to be unconcious. 1d20+12=21 lol wow. a 9. But I think that any roll less than 10 becomes 10 right? so that is 22 just under enough to keep me conscious but stunned.
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