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Coping Strategies (OOC)

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Rolls done in chat.

Darian Cale doesn't notice anything odd, perhaps because he's distracted by wondering if he could get his hot little hands on Prometheus' Terminus-built, Daedalus-modified armor for just a little while.

Erin, on the other hand, notices a couple of things. Both Prometheus and Rex have very similar features, so similar that they look like they're very close relatives. They're also both wearing the same odd little metallic device on their belts, something she recognizes from her time with Dr. Atom as obvious super-science. Hope Rogers, sitting across from her, has a bulge under the back of her T-shirt that looks almost exactly like a gun.

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So, do I have to give the device description? It was originally gonna be a everyone-can-read-everyone's-surface-thoughts-freely device, but I left before that could be explained. If it's too late, it'll just be a silly floaty device. its not it'll look like this:

Juryrig (1 HP)

Take 10 on the craft check, result 25.

Device 8 (floating crystal with wires in it; easy to lose; Power Feat: Indestructable): Mind Reading 6 (Extras: Action/Reaction[+2], Affects Others[+1], Area/Burst[+1]; Duration/Continuous[+2]; Flaw: Limited/Surface Thoughts[-1]; Power Feats: Progression 3/Affects Others [10 others], Subtle)

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