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Power Reserve

Sandman XI

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AP: Container 10 (Power Reserve 16 [burrowing, Flight, Space Travel, Speed, Swimming], Burrowing 1, Flight 1, Space Travel 1, Speed 1, Swimming 1, Immunity 9 [life support])

Alright, I'm working on the PL10 Metamorphic Device. One "setting" is gonna be a personal travel mode. But enough about the fluff, is this right mechanically?

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So, how about something like...

AP: Container 10 (Boost 41 [any one movement power; Flaw: Personal], Immuntity 9 [life support])

That sounds dangerously cheezy: you could be in that setting of the Array, use Boost, then switch to some other setting of the Array and still have the benefit of the Boost.

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