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Emissary:City Patrol #whichever: The Search for City Patrol


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So, brought my character out of hock as it were, and figured a good way to get back into the swing of things were the threads that turned out on the whole decently well to do with him, city patrolling. Emissary likes to patrol the city when he can, and likes to meet new heroes, get them involved in doing so if they don't, and generally otherwise further expand his social network among the heroing set that way as far as people he knows and can call on for things.

So! There is generally some bopping around the city, some talking, some civic involvement, and a fight with something or other!

If that interests you and your hero character, let met know.

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The state department has a guy at the gate, but the Emissary often overrules the poor beleagured soul when he puts a call through to the Emissary about the various people who don't have appointments asking after him.

As for how much a check would say.. I would imagine that the Emissary is the ambassador of Utopia Isle to the wider world, that he was inducted into the Freedom League relatively recently, that he's mentioned being a work of synthetic life, that he can fly, has superstrength, has some enhanced senses, that he's heavily involved in social activism sorts of things within the city, having organized charitable events and such and is a regular presence at free clinics and such places. Hrm, that he's fought and beat the White Knight a bunch, that he was involved in stopping a plot by Toy Boy to have a robot army smash the city on up, and various other heroing sorts of things at home and abroad.

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When Heritage is looking to retire that character anyway, I'm honestly not looking to take up running that whole thread. We can always just say that after meeting each other there, Emissary and Dark Star agreed to meet further to start doing some patrolling and so forth.

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