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Using the Boost power for something...


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Stemming from the discussion here where the refs suggested using a boost instead of the holding back power.

Now in UP, the boost power allows you to gain a targetted trait temporarily for the 1-pt. and 2-pt versions of boost.

Well I was wondering if something like this would fly by you guys:

note: this is meant to be placed inside an array worth 26 pp

Boost "Life's Last Breath" 52 (Limited - Only if disabled or worse [-1], Personal [-1], Total Fade [+1])

Container 13 ("Life's Last Breath"; Limited - Only if disabled or worse [-1])

-Immunity 20 (Interaction Skills, Entrapment, Alteration Effects, Trait Effects, Flaws: Limited - Half Effect)

-Super-Senses 10 (Counters Obscure (All), Danger Sense: Mental, Penetrates Concealment: Mental)

-Regeneration 18 (Recovery Bonus +2, Staggered- No Action, Resurrection - No action [Only if there is a body remaining; Diehard, Persistent, Regrowth)

-Super-speed 4 (Base: Rapid Attack)

- and about 4 additional AP's for his big array.

Would that work?

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Sorry. I was just a little anxious to putting The Vestige up for play and I was worried since I haven't heard a peep from you guys for over a day on this issue and so far MarkK was the only one to respond to this thread.

Many apologies, wise Doctor-san.

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No, it'd be a sort of a very dangerour spell to cast since he has to be near death to cast it and to have its benefits. If, for whatever reason, he loses his disabled condition the spell effectively ends.

It'd be a real gambit to pull off and since lethal damage is rarely used here, it will come up fewer times than you'd expect.

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