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Twilight Gryphon PL 11 Hero

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Players Name: Jeffrey “Raylis†Casey

Power Level: 11 (150/162pp)

Trade-Offs: none

Unspent PPs: 12

Characters Name: Olivia Carlson

Alternate Identity: The Twilight Gryphon

Height: 5’7â€Â

Weight: 133 lbs.

Hair: Tawny Blonde

Eyes: Green


A slender girl with shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes. and lightly tanned skin, her most distinguishing and predominate features are her large wings (approximately a 12ft wingspan) and lion tail.


Olivia Carlson was a normal, bright girl with the desire to become a doctor before her mutation showed itself in April of 2002. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Olivia studied hard and busied herself in many activities during High School (including debate, gymnastics, life-guarding and other extra circular activities that look good on college applications.

She was accepted into the University of Washington and began classes in October of 2006, undergoing the necessary class work for a biology BA with plans to apply to UW’s Medical school. Shortly after entering med school a comet entered the atmosphere and the tiny particle that remained crashed through her dorm room and landed near her; its radiation causing her mutant gene to activate.

Her mutations began slowly, first her nails began to become more difficult to cut, grew sharper and began to resemble the talons of an eagle rather then normal finger nails. Her hair turned more blonde-brown then blonde and seemed to grow much faster then before. Her shoulder blades and tail bone were constantly hurting, and her vision increased dramatically both for distance and at night.

One April morning she woke up to her room mate screaming and pointing at her. Olivia sleepily turned at looked at the end of the bed to see a tawny lions tail and a purple-black wing tip hanging over the edge of the bed. She jumped out of bed only to have the tail and wings follow her. The biologist in her was amazed at the transformation she had gone through during the night and was eager to see if A) the changes were functional instead of cosmetic, B) if they were permanent and C) why they had occurred.

Waiting for twilight to come (and making her room mate promise not to say anything to anyone) Olivia was convinced to find out whether or not she could actually fly. So she and her roommate crept into the campus and she jumped off a small rise, so she wouldn’t get hurt incase she couldn’t fly. Luckily her mutation did make her lighter and she instinctively began to flap her wings and took off into the night sky.

Flying was elation. She swooped and looped and rolled, forgetting the scientists urge to know the how and the why. She felt free from everything: studying, gravity, cars. She felt at home in the air and found that her sight had dramatically improved along with the “clawsâ€Â, wings and tail.

Flying over Pike’s Place Market she spied a purse snatcher and dove down to see what she could do. Unfortunately she hadn’t quite grasped control of her flight as well as she thought and crashed into him knocking him down in a rough and tumble grapple. She managed to subdue the thief (more luck then any real skill) and attracted a crowd in the meanwhile. Reaction was mixed; some people were horrified, others confused and the woman whose purse had been recovered was relieved.

Not really knowing what to do and cursing herself for just rushing in without a plan, she flew back to the dorms, hoping to be able to hide her 12ft wingspan and tail with long skirts and sweaters. News of the flying girl quickly spread with an amateur photograph and article in the Seattle Times appearing two days after the incident, Winged Girl Snatches Snatcher: A new hero among us?

Wanting to help people with her newfound gifts she taught herself some basic martial arts, nothing formal more on the principles of how eagles hunt and attack: swooping in and out before anything can hit them back, and started to read a lot of comic books for inspiration of how a hero should act. She kept appearances rare, even going so far as to sew herself a costume with a mask so no one would recognize her face (her tail and wings were a whole different matter!) In order to help hide her identity she moved off campus and took mostly online classes, going into the lab at odd hours so she would be alone. As far as her limited crime fighting, she came out at twilight; Olivia found that not only had her sight improved but she could see with little light. She called herself the Twilight Gryphon: twilight both for the time of day she acted as a Super Hero and the unusual color of her wings (which she also based the color scheme of her costume on), gryphon for the mythical animal that she resembled (after a remark made by her brother when she revealed her mutations to her family).

With the number of Super Humans in Freedom City, Olivia’s mother convinced her to move there to continue school as it would be easier to blend in in a city that had a number of unique individuals and perhaps she could find someone to help her if she insisted on continuing to crime fight.

After Olivia moved to Freedom, she me a young inventor who was able to come up with a way for her to hide her wings. The device caused her wings and tail to revert, effectively canceling that effect of her mutation but only while the watch was on and activated. (Using this to explain the feature, instead of trying to work a Morph rank 1 into a 1pt device)

Personality & Motivation:

Olivia is a driven person; once she sets her mind to something she is not easily dissuaded. She’s a very giving person, helping anyone she can if it’s within her ability. Creating her super persona and entering the Super Hero world is a natural extension. While not always participating in the latest craze she does keep tabs on what’s going on and what’s popular and is a bit of a geek in her own right.


Fame (in Seattle area)

Responsibility (continuing education)

Secret (identity)

Stats: 28pp

STR 16 (+3) (6 PP)

DEX 18 (+4) (8 PP)

CON 14 (+2) (4 PP)

INT 14 (+2) (4 PP)

WIS 14 (+2) (4 PP)

CHA 12 (+1) (2 PP)

Combat: (12+16=28)

Attack: +6

Grapple: + 15

Defense: +10 (+4 flat footed)

Knockback: -5 (-2 flat-footed)

Initiative: +4

Saves: (21)

Toughness: +10 (+4 flat-footed)

Fortitude: +8 (6 Base + 2 Con) (6 PP)

Reflex: +12 (8 Base + 4 Dex) (8 PP)

Will: +9 (7 Base + 2 Wis ) (7 PP)

SKILLS: 88 SP (22 PP)

Acrobatics +14 (10 Ranks + 4 Atb)

Computers +11 (9 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Diplomacy +10/+14 (9 Ranks + 1 Atb + 4 Attractive)

Knowledge (life sciences) +13 (11 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Knowledge (physical sciences) +10 (8 Ranks +2 Atb)

Knowledge (pop culture) +6 (4 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Language 3 (Read / Write English is Base: Japanese, Latin, and Spanish)

Medicine +13 (11 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Notice +7 (5 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Search +6 (4 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Sense Motive +7 (5 Ranks + 2 Atb)

Stealth +8 (4 Ranks + 4 Atb)

Swim +8 (5 Ranks +3 Atb)

Feats: (25)

Accurate Attack

Attack Focus (melee, 4 ranks)


Defensive Roll (6 ranks)

Dodge Focus (2 ranks)

Elusive Target

Evasion (2 ranks)

Grappling Finesse

Improved Critical (talons)

Improved Grab

Improved Grapple


Move by Action

Takedown Attack

Uncanny Dodge (sight)

Powers: (27)

Features 2 (Lion’s Tail [mutant], Morph Watch [technological] Morph 1)

Flight 4 (100mph [mutant, wings])

Protection 2

Strike 7 ([mutant, claws] PF: Mighty)

Super Senses 3 [mutant] (distance sense, extended sight, lowlight vision)

Super Strength 2 (effective Str 26, Hvy Load 920 lbs.)

Drawbacks: (-1)

Power Loss (flight) if wings are restricted / bound

DC Block

Unarmed -- DC 18/Toughness -- Damage

Claws -- DC 25/Toughness -- Damage; crit 19-20

Costs: Abilities (28) + Combat (28) + Saves (21) + Skills (22) + Feats (25) + Powers (27) - Drawbacks (1) = 150/162 Total Cost

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Oh my, this has been a wonder to read.

Just two small things before I can break out the big stamp.

1: Your grapple modifier should be +15 rather than +12

(+3 Str, +6 Base Attack, +4 Melee Focus, +2 Super Stength)

2: You've bought and paid for three ranks of Super-Senses, but it's still noted as R2 rather than 3.

Other than that I can't seem to find anything at all to fault here.

Finally, let me welcome you to this fine forum. You might want to introduce yourself here, or maybe not. It's your choice.

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Oh dear, found a few more things.

1: There's a conflict between how many ranks of Luck you've bought; the Feats section says two but the top of the sheet says 1.

2: Speaking of Feats I count 26 even though it says you've bought 25.

3: This can however be solved by the fact that since I just realised that your Favoured Environment Feat puts you above PL caps. So the expedient thing would be to remove it for now, which handily solves the rest.

Sorry for missing it the first time around-

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There's a conflict between how many ranks of Luck you've bought; the Feats section says two but the top of the sheet says 1.

I fixed the feats section, her original build she has two ranks of luck but was revamped to have only one; she should only have 2 hero points (one for luck, one for breathing)

2: Speaking of Feats I count 26 even though it says you've bought 25.

Removing the typo in number of Luck ranks should fix this

3: This can however be solved by the fact that since I just realised that your Favoured Environment Feat puts you above PL caps. So the expedient thing would be to remove it for now, which handily solves the rest.

Swapped Favored Environment for Uncanny dodge

Revamped Sheet for Site Preference.

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Since Nyrath has not been back in a while, I'll be taking the case :D

The only problem I have with it is your Knockback is not noted Also, you should note how much you spent on your combat, saves, feats, and powers.

Thank you, sir :)

Knockback is now noted... :oops:

I have no idea where my totals next to combat etc. wasn't there when the others were but now they should be there as well :)

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This looks pretty much fine.. just minor stuff. Your int costs 4 pp, not 5. You have the overall total right for attributes, just not the value beside int. That's about it really. And you could probably cannibalize some int based skill ranks into having a higher base int if you want to be more of a natural genius, but that's a stylistic choice honestly, and of no bearing.

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