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Shoaling Patterns (OOC)

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If you're okay with me going ahead & using the proposed rebuild for Dok...


He would've wanted to read up what he could on the Sarcota.  If he's got the time/environment to Take 10 on a Knowledge (Life Science) check, that'd get a 34 (though that would of course be limited to what his sources know).


With Skill Mastery, he'd get a 26 on Investigate, and with his Quickness (Mental), he can Take 20 on a Notice check -- for a total of 29 -- in 0.12 seconds (a Free action?).  Does that pick up on anything of interest on K'tr'kt's data pad?


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Totally did this to myself. :D  Sorry it took so long to come up with ideas for this:


First research on the Sarcota:


Information is somewhat sparse, which is primarily due to their being primarily the subject of legend until relatively recently. The Lor have identified various accounts of them from other spacefaring civilizations going back centuries (in some cases from before the Republic), but they primarily seemed to be viewed as akin to a mariner’s tall tale. A Lor deep space science survey confirmed their existence during a survey of systems towards the galactic core over 50 years ago. However, plans for follow up expeditions to study them in more detail (among other things) were sidelined by Star Khan and Stellar Khanate’s attempt to conquer the Republic. Even once the Khanate was turned back, the Republic was often focused on other things and plans to study the Sarcota were basically forgotten.


This changed just under nine years ago. Following the end of the Incursion, Sarcota began to be spotted in remote systems throughout Lor and Coalition space. While it appears the Sarcota are able to achieve limited FTL speeds, they still appear far too slow to make long distance interstellar travel feasible, though travel between nearby star systems would be possible. There are theories that perhaps they have a means of locating paths through interstellar space that allow them to travel faster than normal. There are also theories that they have a natural means of identifying naturally occurring wormholes and other special anomalies that would allow them to travel vast distances much quicker. This last theory is currently the most popular one, as it has become very clear that the Sarcota have been using the wormhole network created by the Communion, which is likely how they have been able to spread from the galactic core into Lor and Coalition space in a relatively short time.


There have been some efforts to study them since their appearance in Lor space (but still not in depth). From what the scientists that have studied them can determine, they appear to sustain themselves on some process very similar to photosynthesis, although it is unclear if they require similar conditions/elements as plants or what byproducts there are from the process. The Sarcota have generally been solitary, perhaps as many as a dozen in a star system, but spread throughout large asteroid belts and the like. There is no clear information on how frequently they mate, or where they gather to do so. It is possible that they have not had a mating period since moving into Lor/Coalition space, or they could travel back towards the core through the wormhole network and it has just not been noticed.


As for the data from the collectors and orbital cities, it is very basic in nature. It is primarily  data that allows for tacking the arrival and movements of the Sarcota on the planet (although there are large gaps in the data where no collectors or city was close enough to gather any data). From that is available, Dok can see that as indicated, they began arriving on the planet about ten days ago (the last seeming to arrive about six days ago). Since arriving, they have only been gathering around the one particular mountain range, so far they have not ventured too far from it, but as they can be skittish, it likely would not take much to panic one and then it go off erratically, which could lead to lots of damage to the collection apparatus (at the very least).



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For reference (as d/w Thevshi)


Starshot burning his only HP to get Equipment feat,


FOr this mission he has converted some of his cargo bay into a combine Laboratory and Library features (2 EP) for the Xeno. 


Edited by Supercape
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Cool Cape, for current HP tracking:


Starshot (unharmed) 0 HP (Xeno currently equipped with a Laboratory and Library features)

Doktor Archeville (unharmed) 6 HP


(will see about setting up a way for Starshot to get one or two back down the road :D )


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If its ok may as well make the library and laboratory masterwork (+2 bonus) as thats 4 EP?


Had a look at Doks ship, and its actually pretty similar to the Xeno. 


Xeno is unarmed but faster and arguably better equipped for hunting (complete with ATV) so probably better to use that. Of course, we dont know what we will be fighting!

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Ah its on the same planet - my mistake


Ill edit for sub light travel. Xeno is still pretty fast - Flight 16 so a bit above 250 miles / second. Dont know the diameter of the planet but if its earth (8000miles), half that, 4000 miles, it would be 16 seconds!

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Well then :D Dok has heard of Kinarr Khan, the youngest son of Kinan Khan. Most of his older siblings were killed in the Communion's initial push into the Stellar Khanate (when the Communion captured Kinan Khan). Kinarr, although still considered in his late teens, led Khanate forces as part of the Coalition in the fight against the Communion. There has been a rumor that Kinan died, but Dok has not heard any confirmation of this.

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So it looks like Starshot's ship has


Communication 16 (Radio, nearby star systems; Flaws: Limited [One Way], Feats: Subtle) [9 EP]


I'd like to have Dok boost/enhance that using his internalized E.S. to 


Communication 18 (Radio, same galaxy; Feats: Subtle) [19 EP]

Uses 10/20 of his Variable points.


Assuming CoVic Station and Ferrum are in the same galaxy.  If they're not, he can go one rank higher, to Communication 19 (nearby galaxies), or even Communication 20 (anywhere in the universe).


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Dok's using his VP for a Create Object effect, like so


Create Object 10 (“hard light constructs”; 10 5-ft. cubes, Lifting STR 50 [heavy load 12.8 tons]; Extra: Movable; Flaw: Distracting)  {20/20p}


That should be enough to build a wall 10 feet high x 25 feet wide x 5 feet thick.


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Okay, to keep us moving along, I will make the wall's toughness save vs. DC 27 damage from the smaller Sarcota (using the stats for a whale). 

The wall gets a 30! So remains intact and causes it to divert away and back toward the mountain tops.

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