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Patriot Games (OOC)

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Davyd's got a Skill Mastery'd Sense Motive of 24.  Can he sense whether Overman's spiel is some sort of act, a well-rehearsed lie?  Or if this is more like off-the-cuff improv?  Or, at the very least, if the tale is one Overman himself believes?


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"Olivia" is going to hulk-out, try to grab Overman & hurl him away, hoping to get him/his blast away from the area.


Free Action: Set Shapeshift VP to Super-Strength 5 (effective Str 45, Hvy Load 12.8 tons), which will raise "Olivia"'s Grapple to +20.

Standard Action: Melee attack roll to see if "Olivia" can grapple.

That's a 19, which hopefully is enough to hit.

Now the Grapple check... and that's a 33.

(if one of those isn't enough, I'll use my 1 HP to re-roll.)

Move Action: Assuming that succeeds, and since this is the same round as the initial grapple, "Olivia" can use a Move Action to throw Overman, straight up.

If Overman weighs between 230-400 lbs., then "Olivia" can throw him (400 lbs. is a STR 15 hvy load, STR 45 is 30 points higher than that, 30/5 = 6, 6 steps up the Time & Value Progression Table is...) 500 feet!

If you wanted to halve that for throwing straight up, I'd be cool with that.)


So -- assuming the melee attack roll & grapple check are in my favor -- "Olivia" can hurl Overman 500 feet horizontally (to some conveniently empty lot near the Ashton Community Center), or 250 feet straight up into the night sky.


And then "Olivia" will have some explaining to do...


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Patriot II: 20 

Thugs: 20 

Not A Thug: 17

Daisy: 11 

Horrorshow: 5 


Patriot drops a gas grenade at their feet and makes a break for it! 


Thugs open fire on the gas - low they miss automatically from the grenades, high they can actually roll 

https://orokos.com/roll/936843 = they don't hit anything, though! 


Not a Thug and Daisy hold their actions. 


You're up as soon as I post IC 

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