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Feels Like Freedom (OOC)

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Well, let's see...


Gather Information with Well-Informed to see if Ghost knows something about Frost and the village: 21

Notice to see if there's anything weird to notice around them: 28

And a Sense Motive directed at Frost, to see if he can figure out if there's something going on here: 29

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Frost is definitely testing him, he obviously paused the conversation and is giving Ghost a "get it?" look, as if he's sussing him out for something. 


This town is full of new old things. The picture of Lenin on the wall, the tools some of the men are carrying, even the rifle hung on the wall behind the bar. You've seen weapons like that in museums, but it's hard to imagine even the poorest Russian mining town would still be using them.


And surely there'd be cars, or cell phones, or some other sign of modern civilization here. You haven't even seen a television, and there were horses out on that street. 

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