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Idea for a thread

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So I was thinking of trying to GM a bit.

The idea is an evening encounter/fight. Possible near Freedom University.

Since it’s my first try I was thinking may one or two peeps, with one of my own (Chimera) as an npc.

Any takers?


I’m also open to tips and words of warning.

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Okay, wasn’t expecting 3 reply’s that quickly. 😄 I’m flattered.

What the heck, I’ll three shouldn’t be any harder then two. (He says having not done this here before)

The idea of 3 high school heroes coming to the aid of a college aged hero is kinda funny to me since I’m pretty sure the kids would have more combat experience then the older one.

I’ll try to get the thread up tonight.

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Taking into account ages and residential locations I was thinking of Midtown near Liberty Park, like a block or two from the Millennium Mall. Maybe a Friday or Saturday evening.

Sound okay to everyone?

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