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Atom Academy


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The Atom Family is expanding! Welcome to the brand new Atom Academy, a think tank and place of generally awesome super science and exploration into the unknown for anyone interested!


Spurred by a brief discussion of the Atom Family last week and how one would go about creating someone for the family, the best options given current ages were either alternate universe Atoms, future Atoms or something inspired by Marvel Comics' Future Foundation. So, enter, the Atom Academy! 


Pretty much nothing is set in stone yet (not even the name, though I really like the alliteration), so anyone that's interested, let's have some brainstorming. Throw your ideas in, and we'll figure things out!


Some of my thoughts, to get things started:

- The Atom Academy is not supposed to be an alternative to Claremont. You can attend Claremont and still be a member of the Atom Academy, and the Atom Academy is not just for teens, but for heroes of all ages.

- The Atom Academy should have a super science base somewhere in Freedom City, with access to wonders created by the Atom Family and members of the Academy. I'm thinking something in a mix of the Baxter Building and the post-Schism Jean Grey School of Higher Learning.

- While nominally a think tank, the Atom Academy is not just for super geniuses. The main purpose of the Atom Academy is strange science adventures and exploration into the unknown! 

Family matters. If the Atom Family was a family by blood, the Atom Academy is destined to become a family by choice.

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Uniform concept, based primarily off the Atom Family's Silver Age look.

The idea is that the members of the academy doesn't have to wear it, but its appreciated if they do. If they do wear it, they can make adjustments, additions and changes as they like. Add a jacket! Shoulder pads! A cape! Bare arms if you're into that! Change the colors! Your call!


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Heads up displays for everyone, then!


Some more thoughts based on chats with people:


Atom Academy will be based in the former Goodman building, which has now been renamed to Atom Tower. While the Atom Family still lives at the tower, a good number of floors have been added to the top of the building using science, where the Atom Academy is housed.

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