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Original Gangster (Remix)

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Almánzar’s Bar, Lincoln, Freedom City

2nd October 2020


It wasn’t much of a bar, it wasn’t even a particularly cool bar where the kind of people he modelled himself, it was just a blue collar bar where people just had a few drinks after a hard days work. It was just a place that he could be the big man and even if they didn’t like him, and she already knew that he wasn’t particularly popular no more than a bully of the block. Still he had an ego and that was something she could work with.


He in this case was a low level hood with powers, calling himself Para LX, who lucked into some sort of light based powers obvious for the green glow that surrounded him lighting up the entire booth holding court for anyone who would pay attention.


The perfect for her methods of subterfuge, so time to make an entrance.

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Stepping into the bar on her platform boots every steps was made to get peoples attention, and there attention she demanded. She was wearing a cut off Hero’s shirt and a pair of hotpants all set off with a long coat that billowed out dramatically, all calculated to look suitably dramatic. Her hair was pulled up to add some height, on top of the heels to make her look more impressive. If he was impressed he didn’t show it, though that was the style he emulated, looking up and giving a smile full of grillz.


Heard you switch sides.” she was from this part of Freedom and even her accent wasn’t that thick


Just what I want them to think.” replied Merge Trois with a charming smile

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Archer II


Connor King sat by the bar, a heavy backpack by his side, a beer in his hand. No uniform right now, a simple pair of jeans, a blue shirt open at the neck. Not his usual style, but he could make do. He needed to be incognito, here. Sitting here in the red and white wouldn't work, not when he wanted to get some information. Para LX had been making some waves, at least enough to get Connor's attention. He wasn't anything special, from the sound of it, but he was causing trouble. 


Connor emptied his glass. Time to get to work, then, and...


He paused before getting out of his seat. Merge Trois walked in. He had met her back at Corona's thing, before that fell apart, and she was going straight for Para LX. Alright, then. Connor could see how that played out. 


Instead of getting out of his seat he asked for another beer. Alright, time to see how this played out.

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Camera Obscura II

Arrow wasn’t the only one to be hiding in plain sight as his keen eye notice his waitress, something it was weird that he’d not noticed before. Though it was easy to miss without any makeup and wearing normal clothes, but she was a Merge even so far from the flamboyant version discussing terms with Para LX. Her name tag said she was Nickii with hearts over the three I’s and suitable touch and very un-Merge like. She smiled upon catching Connor’s eye whilst blowing her bubble gum, maybe a touch too much considering.


Heya! You look familiar do I know you from somewhere?” even her voice held none of the confident bombast of the other Merge.


As she considered where she knew him from she lifted a hand to cover the top half of his face, showing she might have some inkling of where they had met.



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Archer II


It took him a second to recognize the waitress. Connor looked at the Merge, back to the waitress and the way she was holding up her hand in front of his face, trying to paint him with a mask on. Yeah, alright. This was Merge. Two of her, at least. Yeah, she was up to something. He couldn't say that he knew her all that well, but she had helped out Corona, and what was the point if she had already figured it out?


"Maybe." He grinned at her. "Something with some annoying kids and being over the moon?"

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Camera Obscura II

Nickii bought Conner his order plus a diet soda for herself, sliding into the chair next to him.


I’m taking my break Joe.” she yelled before talking to the Archer “I’m kind of new, yet I have all of the Merge’s memories, except for me all of them are the same person. I’m what you get when you leave a magical type with library and strong thaumatical field.”


She shipped her drink and watched the other her schmoozing up to Para LX, she didn’t appear totally happy about how things were going down.


I’m glad your here, she thinks otherwise but we could do with your help. It means potential danger obviously.”

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Archer II


Connor raised his beer in a cheers to the Merge, took a long drink and shook his head. "I still can't wrap my mind around how you work. What do I even the different yous?" His eyes moved from the Merge to Para LX and back again while he spoke, never leaving the bad guy for too long.


The other Merge was talking up Para LX. He wasn't really sure what she was up to, but that whole thing about switching sides? Probably an act, if he could believe this Merge, at least.


"Its why I'm here. So, what's up with him? I only heard he's causing trouble and got some kinda glowing thing going on."

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Camera Obscura II

Thing of us a little like the cloud, we’re all accessing the files at the same time. And the other call me Camera Obscura, I blend in a gather information, unlike my more flashy sisters.” she glanced over at the other Merge who was still discussing thing


As for Para LX, a terrible codename, he’s nothing a small time thugs that will busted by some local superhero sooner or later. He’s a small fish that will hopefully leave us to bigger prey. I don’t know if you keep an ear to the local gossip, but someone is putting together a crew I Lincoln. We believe that some is trying to put together a new criminal organization!”

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Archer II


"Uh huh." Connor raised his beer to his lips while he listened, his eyes darting to the other Merge and Para LX every now and again. The cloud, all connected at once... Like what, Merge was like some kind of computer? And was it any wonder that Connor wasn't a big fan of super powers? It was freaking weird. People like Merge, Facs, that weird octopus kid from the prep school... It was all way above Connor's paygrade to figure all that out.


"I try to stay in touch. Guys like him are usually the kinda people the old man wants me to take down." He paused to put the beer down. "I guess I was about to be that local hero, but if you got something better, then I'm in."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Camera Obsura II

There’s someone trying to organise the local thugs and supervillains, they’ve been very careful to keep it on the down low. Its taken me months to find someone stupid enough to take one of us along, today is going to be a gathering hence why we’re working on Para LX there. Luckily like many men he’s not thinking with his head right now.”


Para LX seemed to be snuggling with Merge who was plying along by giggling at some lame joke he’d just made. Apparently satisfied Para LX began to stand to leave the pub for there meeting.


Show time! I have to stay here, just in case we find another idiot to use. Don’t worry we’re not leaving you on your own.”


Merge Trois

Standing up another Merge was left behind, she was dressed in a similar way to “Nickii” but there were subtle differences between the two. The closest analogy was comparing a regular costume to its “sexy” version, though Merge was far less tacky.


When you’re ready we can move” even her voice was richer more confidentDon’t worry unless they move a long way we’llknow where they are.”

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Archer II


Another Merge showed up, with Camera Obscura staying at the bar. Yeah, alright, made sense. Couldn't break her cover like that. At least Connor didn't have any issues like that.


"I'm good." Connor put the half empty bottle down on the counter and placed a bill with a nice tip. He winked at Camera Obscura and reached for the heavy backpack on the floor, pulling it up over one shoulder. 


Once they were out, he couldn't help himself. "Doesn't it get weird, watching yourselves, that whole hive mind thing? Its one thing that you gotta cozy up with a creep like Para LX, but watching yourself do it at the same time gotta be weird."

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