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Rough cut diamonds

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Interrogation Room, NYPD Midtown North Precinct

28th August 2020, well after Midnight

The young teen thief sat in the room glaring at the mirrored glass, even so she didn’t realize that there was somewhere else in the room until she stepped from the shadows. The older woman walked like a cop even if she reminded Maggie of a Schoolmarm, though she didn’t think the woman would be a pushover in a fight. And she’d fought enough tonight.


So it’s Maggie right? Maggie Què? I’m Ms Summers. How about you tell me what happened tonight?”


Maggie sighed she was tempted to keep quiet, but after a few awkward minutes it seemed this Summers woman was just as willful as her mother. So she began to tell the tale of what happened…


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Rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen, several hours earlier

Callie was going to missed this city, having spent much longer here than Freedom City, but she’d promised elder her (for her sanity she always though of her other self as Calliope) to go back to school. But she’d decided to spend one final night enjoying the city in the real Raven suit. She was sure that Calliope was already working on improving the security on the suit for the next time she returned to the city.


She didn’t plan to enjoy this night alone, she’d invited someone she enjoyed from the rather eventful party from earlier in the week.

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Nevermore II


"Nice suit! Is that old you's old one?" Charlie came down from above, gliding on his cape before letting go and spinning before landing on the rooftop next to Callie. He was in his full costume, probably one of the first times that Callie had seen him suited up. All black, a full cowl that only left his mouth free. The entire suit was seamless, just one continuous piece of cloth, at least as far as the eye could see. Black cloak with dark blue lining. The black was broken by his silver belt with a stylized N, the silver gauntlets and the shiny teal lines running from his belt and to under his arms, teal soles on his boots and, of course, the shiny teal raven on his chest.


"Seriously, looks good on you, but what're you gonna do once we get to Claremont? I kinda doubt she'll let you run around calling yourself Raven there."

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Madame Raven

Thanks, I know the older me retired a while ago but its a really good fit. Respect to me but she’s been keeping herself in good shape.” she ran her arm don one side to illustrate the point


A few ideas that even I wouldn’t have thought of, though I guess I know about them now. Time travel antics get weird pretty quickly y’know?”


She’d already been thinking about what to do about the costume, even before they discussed it she doubted that she’d bee allowed to keep the costume.


I’m getting together a few bits a pieces to make myself a new costume, I’m going to keep the belt though. Got to keep all these wonderful toys though!”

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Nevermore II


"Yeah, before my time. But its cool, old you did a bunch of stuff. Joined the Freedom League and everything."


Charlie was moving, not really standing still while Callie spoke. Balancing on one hand for a brief second, he then switched into a flip to land on his feet, quickly crouching. No, he wasn't trying to show off at all. This was the Callie Summers, after all. Showing off would be weird, right?


"Ha, tell me about it. I love my gadgets, tons of fun things they can do. Raven insisted I wear this thing. Keeps me safe, got a big cape like his, looks a lot like his old costume when he was Nevermore. I mean, its cool and all, but I didn't really get much choice in the design or anything."

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