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Raven, Inc.?

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So there's been some discussion on the Discord that basically amounts to "But where does Raven get all those wonderful toys?", and the consensus was "the books aren't really clear on that".


A few ideas have been tossed around, but we're not at a point of full consensus yet. Broadly speaking there seem to be a few ideas.


-The Summers have a vaguely-defined amount of wealth in accounts, investments, etc, and are basically just "wealthy philanthropists", in the vein of '66 Batman. They are also, of course, known for running Claremont.

-They have one or more large, powerful, wealthy corporations they have major ownership in, even if they don't actively "run" them.

-Some combination of the above. Perhaps they have decent-sized but non-controlling interests in things like Archetech, the companies associated with the Hunter families, etc?


I'd like to figure something out with the rest of the "Raven Family", so we're all happy with the situation by the end. 

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This would be all my fault :D . Whilst I know a sensible thing would be have to have lots of investments squirreled away, but I like the idea of a boardroom drama or a villain trying to steal the newest tech.


So I figure there are several options for the Summer company, Raven might be a little on the nose for even the FCU!


  • They own an Investment company, that invest in ethical and environmental causes.
  • The company is newly formed for or by the younger characters benefit.
  • The company is established but not very big or established, maybe it was a personal project of Jasmine Summers and after she died Duncan lost interest and let it run itself.
  • The company is massive and has always been there but its never come into the eyes of heroes as it deal with the kind of heavy industries that never catch heroes or villains eyes.
  • The company doesn't exist but after finding out about the dealing of another company they take over the corporation and rebrand it with the Summer name.

I like the idea to use the company is that the Raven's family get caught in a Die Hard situation during which they discovered the company is involved with off the books activities. They then come up and take over the board and start to clean house, going on missions to disable hidden sites up to villainous activities. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I could have sworn I responded....anyways.


I'm going to throw my vote in on "smaller-ish company, originally Jasmine's pet project, and now in need of clean-up", with a side order of "they also have independent wealth from investment and do a lot of philanthropy".


The latter jives with the skills for Alek's adoptive parents. But the former gives us something to do. And we can have missions to hit various dirty corporate types and nip that problem, and then occasionally have some fluffier stuff about the positive growth etc. of the company. 

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Here’s what I have as a possible idea:


Summers Advanced Designs is a moderately sized company that designs equipment for emergency services, originally finding uses for all the wonderful toys. When Jasmine died Duncan could bare to involve himself with the company so allowed the board to run the company, though retained the families shares.


Over the decades the board has been replaced with those that wish to use the technologies for much less humanitarian reasons. The last board members is from [EVIL CORP] who has been looking to buy the company and add it to there portfolio. Following procedure they’ve invited the Summers not expecting them to send a representative.


Not wanting to follow the entire offer, including a generous share options in {EVIL CORP] they’ve arrange an attack on the building (Downtown West 66 or Jasmine House).


Once the attack is foiled the representative will actual go against what is expected and agree the merger, because Ducan still being sharp has been surreptitiously, but legally, buying share in [EVIL CORP] and those given by the deal will allow him to gain a controlling share and hence take control of [EVIL CORP] rather than the other way around. (Comic book company rules obs, I’m sure its no where near this easy to do).


The Raven then have a massive evil company to clean up including many hidden facilities doing evil things.

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Hahah! And having SAD be run by an increasingly-less-scrupulous board means that company also needs new direction. This could merge well with some of my thoughts of Alek not just being a generic "business guy". I'll need to give him some ranks in the appropriate knowledge when he gets his maxed-out rebuild, but otherwise this is all some excellent stuff. Very comic-book-y, and gives us some long-term work. 

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