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Field Test (OOC)


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Initiative Roll: 1d20+5 25

Goodness. Nocturne's really mad.



Initiative Rolls: 5#1d20-1 16 4 7 4 14

More robots are starting to move, but so far, these are the ones that got up.


Round 1

25: Nocturne, 2HP

20: Chitin, 3HP

16: Robot 1 (melee, minion)

14: Robot 5 (ranged, minion)

7: Robot 3 (melee, minion)

4: Robot 2 (melee, minion)

4: Robot 4 (ranged, minion)


The robots are fairly spread out, but the room isn't massive. Two of them have blasters for arms, and are already raising them to fire; the others are marching forward at a relatively leisurely pace.


Nocturne's up first.

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Nocturne's outright damage options are pretty poor for AoE, but she can set up Chitin pretty nicely! Hopefully. She's going to riptide the robots; rank 8 trip effect against the lot of them.


Reflex saves against the area effect:

Reflex Save vs. Trip, DC18: 5#1d20+2 19 6 7 4 6

1 success, 4 failures.


When double-checking my math on the trip check, I found a problem in Ultimate Power: its description of the Improved Trip power feat is actually Improved Throw, not Improved Trip. That's...deeply obnoxious. I'll go with the listed description for the power feat, rather than the actual feat, for now....but I'll have to fix that on a future edit.


Robots have to resist with the worse of their strength or dex, which is definitely their dex.


Nocturne's power check:

Power Check, Trip: 1d20+8 26


Robots' checks:

Dex Check vs. Trip: 5#1d20-1 18 18 0 19 8

Robot #1 wax actually checking against 22, but that's still a failure.


Knockback here is only ~5'. They're all knocked down, though, and will suffer a -4 penalty to defense against melee attacks.

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The melee robots spend their move actions getting up.


One of them is already in melee range of Chitin, since that's where the takedown ended, so it'll make an attack:

Melee Attack Roll vs. Chitin: 1d20+5 24

....jeeze, Chitin, what god of fortune did you anger? Fortunately, that doesn't crit and the DC isn't awful: DC20 toughness save.


The remaining ranged robot will indeed take a shot at Nocturne:

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Nocturne: 1d20+5 11

Nocturne did not anger Dažbog and even with her toughness-shift, she's fine.


The other robots will close in, two on Chitin and one on Nocturne, but can't attack this round.

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More robots? More robots! These ones are not in amazing shape.


Initiative Rolls: 2#1d20-1 0 16


Round 2

25: Nocturne, 2HP

20: Chitin, 3HP

16: Robot 1 (melee, minion), engaging Chitin

16: Robot 6 (ranged, minion, Injured x2)

7: Robot 3 (melee, minion), engaging Nocturne

4: Robot 2 (melee, minion), engaging Chitin

4: Robot 4 (ranged, minion)

0: Robot 7 (ranged, minion, Injured x3)

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Worked pretty well last time and she doesn't want to hamper Chitin, so Nocturne's going to kneecap them again.


Area Reflex Saves:

Reflex Save vs. Trip, DC18: 6#1d20+2 5 9 15 16 17 14

Nope x7


Power Check:

Power Check, Trip: 1d20+8 18


Robot Checks:

Dex Check vs. Trip: 6#1d20-1 3 4 15 13 18 9

I had to look it up! Apparently ties in opposed checks go to the person with the higher modifier, so Nocturne barely sweeps them all off their feet. All robots are prone and take the associated penalty to their already very poor melee defense.

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No more robots are getting up. A couple look like they're trying, but they're not a threat.


Round 3

25: Nocturne, 2HP

20: Chitin, 3HP

16: Robot 6 (ranged, minion, Injured x2), engaging Nocturne

4: Robot 4 (ranged, minion), engaging Nocturne

0: Robot 7 (ranged, minion, Injured x3), engaging Chitin

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Nocturne's going to go ahead and try to smash a fool. She could grapple+crush, but that'd take two rounds and +Damaging Move Object lets you make ranged 'strike' attacks!


No power attack feat, so we're limited to the +/-2 version:

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Robot 4: 1d20+8-2 8

Embarrassing. I think the Nocturne Way is to reroll that, even if it's to her disadvantage to burn a hero point on something so trivial. Making poor decisions is in-character!

Ranged Attack ReRoll vs. Robot 4: 1d20+8-2 15



Toughness Save vs. Nocturne, DC25: 1d20+10 23

....well, it's a good thing she power attacked.


As a minion, Robot 4 crumples. That leaves 6 and 7, the damaged ones, still on their feet.

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