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Ask all the questions you want.


But take an HP as I compel A Dream of Comfort for Adrianna to accept the plea for help.

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A Griffin isn't  hard to notice at all but they are distracted. DC 10. -5 Penalty.


Alaynah Notice: 1d20+4-5 = 3.

Mixnus and Nixnus Notice: 2#1d20+4-5 = 19, 18.


Mixnus's a Nat 20.

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Diplomacy check for the Dreamer: 1d20+4= 6 (10 if they find her attractive)
She switches her summon array to the Carnifex ex Imaginatio.

Intimidate check for the Carnifex: 1d20+10= 25

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It says terrible things that my first reaction upon reading this was "But the Carnifex wasn't lying. Why would she need to roll bluff?"

And then I decided not to go any further with that thought.


The Dreamer's intimidate: 1d20+4 = 19 (I don't know if she would get any bonuses for the Carnifex threatening finger eating.)

The Carnifex's bluff: 1d20 = 7

The Carnifex's bluff (HP): 1d20 = 11

And I just realised that I forgot the +5 modifier, so it's 12 and 16.

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Well, hopefully we don't get to the finger eating part! Ever.

And sorry, I forgot to say who does what action. The Dreamer Bluffs and the Carnifex Intimidates.


Sense Motive vs Intimidate: 1d20+5 = 7 vs. 1d20+10+2 = 19. Take back the HP used on the Carnifex. She's not going to stay to find out.

Bluff vs Bluff = 1d20+8 = 19 vs. 1d20+4 = 19. Alaynah wins through a higher bonus. But she's going to try anyway.


Standard Attack, All-Out Attack + Power Attack: 1d20+10 = 19

The Dreamer makes a DC 24 Toughness roll.


Then they bolt out of there. We begin a Pursuit.




Lead: 8 lengths

Terrain: Close

Starting Speed: Half maximum speed of 25MPH = 13MPH

Obstacle Chance: 17-20

Obstacle Difficulty: 18

Pursuer: TBA

Target: Alaynah and Co.


So how this goes is you choose a Pursuer Maneuver and who does it, and I say what you have to roll for it.

I choose what Maneuver and who does it, and what they roll.


It's an opposed check so whoever wins gets to resolve their Maneuver's effects.

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The Dreamer and the Carnifex ex Imaginatio will both pursue. The Dreamer using her Dream Steed and the Carnifex running and Leaping.

They will take the intercept action.

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The Carnifex will Intercept. the Dreamer will do the match speed (I think that was it's name) maneuver

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Okay. Have the Carnifex make a Notice roll. Count The Dreamer and The Carnifex as one Pursuer.


Alaynah: 1d20+8 = 21.

Obstacle Roll: 6. None

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