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April 20th, 2020, 4.45PM

Blackstaff Investigations, Emerald City(Oregon), USA


Vang flew unceremoniously across the office, propelled by a contemptuous backhand from the towering spirit. Baring its claws, slaver dripping from the mouths in its palms and white eyes rolling up and down along its arms, the horror turned on Blackstaff!


"You see!" Vang yelled, pain and triumph mingled in the old man's voice, "I told you they were after me! They don't want you finding Soap!"


This was sufficiently obvious that only the stress of the situation kept it from being comical. The wall behind Christopher's desk was shattered inward now, the warm afternoon air rushing pleasantly into the office with that Pacific Ocean salt tang. 


What had seemed like a simple enough case, finding a young shopkeeper in the Eastern District who had recently vanished into the twisted warrens of the District interior, had certainly taken a turn for the vicious.


A saving grace was that the wards had peeled off most of the shells of shining gold armor that had bolstered the thing. Underneath, it looked thin and malnourished, the featureless head lolling and twitching as it got a bead on the occult investigator.  


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Christopher swore through gritted teeth, it was going to be a pain to fix that wall. Not to mention repairing the wards. "Just who exactly did you piss off?" He growled at Vang even as he was already moving on reflex, calling up his will to activate his shield bracelet.

Not usually something he needed in his office, talking to clients; the blasting rod was tucked into the inner pocket of his jacket hanging by the door. Christopher was just glad Lark was at classes this afternoon, because this was not looking like it was going to be a normal missing persons case.

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