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Transylvanian Mix Tape

Tiffany Korta

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So I'll tell you both what you find out and let the character explains thing,


For Persephone


The flowers are Ashe's Magnolia large white flowers native to the area but quite rare. The normally don't bloom this early but the flowers earliest memories of growing up in a hot house with a view of one of the big houses in the area. It's not enough to pick it out but you'd recognize it when you see it in person. The flower are picked and made into a garland about a day or so ago there last memory being of what looks like the local cemetery.


For Corazone


As far as you can tell the dress is a genuine dress from the 1770's, or a very accurate copy, and is very well preserved looking like it is almost new. The dress reveals nothing but darkness a stillness or stasis with no sense of time, but you get the feeling of motion and the smell of the sea, suggesting a long sea journey. Then the smell changes into the smell of dirt as if she hadn't spent long above the ground.


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