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Ace smiled to his Niece and Nibling as well as the Dakanan royals.  "Almost there."  he jovially offered as he turned back to the console in front of him.  "I'm so glad you two and your friends found something to do this summer!"  he excitedly exclaimed as he swung the Danger Jet in low over the waters of the Black Sea and engaged the jets stealth capabilities, the residents would not see them coming of that much they could be certain.  The rocky shore of the, until recently, abandoned soviet era base was visible ahead and growing rapidly through the windshield.  The squat towers of the base and low domes of bunkers almost hidden in the overgrown forest of the remote island in disputed territory. 


At least three soviet successor states claimed the island as sovereign territory, and the Russian federation still claimed ownership based on the military installation.  Not that any exerted real control on the remote strip of land or its dilapidated cold war era buildings.  Which is probably why their targets had chosen it as a base of operations in the first place.  It certainly had made it all but impossible to get official clearance to investigate the resident organization on the island in the first place.  Luckily for the occupants of the jet it this weeks Danger Family Motto was 'Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission' else Arsenal would be long gone after the setbacks in Dakana and Turkey.  


"You kids have everything you need?  All packed?"  Ace glanced over his shoulder to ask like a soccer mom dropping the kids off at camp or the mall for the afternoon.  "You have coms you just call when you're ready to go and I'll be in to pick you up."  he assured them as they broached the islands perimeter. Once assured all were ready he flipped the switch on the console before him and the klaxons rang out as the drop bay began to open in the floor for them to make the jump.  The Danger patriarch gave the teens a thumbs up when they were in position signalling them to make the drop when ready.


At the sign Kam dove fearlessly through the bay and as soon as he was clear pulled the low open chute dropping neatly into the clearing they had targeted on the west end of hte island where they could make their way to the installation itself unseen the hoped.  On the ground he quickly gathered his chute and made for the treeline to wait for the others to complete their jumps.

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Veronica Danger


Normally Veronica or Janus could have flow a vehicle to get them and the two Dakana royalty to their next location in what had started out as an investigation into some possibly missing Daka crystals and had turned into a globetrotting adventure chasing a group of super-powered mercenaries and trying to recover the rest of the missing crystals. However, given the nature of their current destination they would not have been able to safely land and instead needed someone to fly the vehicle away and be on call to retrieve them when needed. Thus the two Danger cousins had reached out to their Uncle Ace.


Veronica was making the last minute checks to her parachute and other equipment when Ace called back to ask if they had everything they needed and were all packed. The teenage Danger looked over to Ace with a grin. "Always." She simply replied as she finished her last check and then made a second check for Kam of his chute while he did the same for her. While Veronica could easily have come up with some magical way of getting herself down to the landing zone they had chosen, this way was just more fun.


And then it was time to deploy. Veronica followed shortly after Kam, letting herself freefall for a few moments before pulling her chute and guiding it down toward the landing zone. Landing a little ways from where Kam had, Veronica gathered her chute as well, and the moved to the treeline to move within in it toward where Kam had landed.

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White Lioness

You wouldn’t think she would be but Àjàṣorò was a little bit star struck with Ace, the others were her contemporaries and school mates, but he was a bonafide Pulp hero. All she could do was smile weakly at the man, in some way she felt lucky that she was jumping from this plane.


She didn’t bother with a chute, the suit was designed with a series of baffles and adsorbing dakana crystals. She dived down quickly before splaying out her arms and legs the suit forming a wingsuit allowing her to control her landing to a greater extent. At the last moment she snapped the suit back into its normal form, rolling across the ground to come up in a ready pose.

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"Thank you, Grandfather," Janus said. The lean teenager had been sitting on the seat, waiting for the others to jump. Unlike the other three, Janus didn't bother to check their chute or verify that they were ready to leap from the plane. Once it was Janus' turn, they simply swung the pack into place with lackadaisical movements and clipped the harness in place with a few brief movements. Ace was certainly familiar enough with Danger manners to read the difference between 'not worried' and 'not caring'. Unfortunately at least one of his familial wards had begun to develop the unfortunate Danger 'not really caring if one lives or dies' manner of dealing with feelings. 


Janus lifted two fingers to their temple and gave Ace a little salute before falling backwards out of the plane. Janus spread their limbs wide, enjoying the moments of free fall before flipping around to pull their chute. Janus pulled the cord perhaps dangerously low and hit the ground at high enough velocity to need to roll with the impact. Janus bounced up quickly enough, shaking the chute and harness loose before dutifully starting to bundle it up in order to follow the others. 

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Ace returned the salute as she dropped out of door and hit the toggle to close the door.  The plane was out of sight by the time she hit the ground.  


When the others had gathered to where Kam awaited them in the treeline the prince had already deposited his chute under a camo net concealed at the base of the dense shrubbery.  It was unlikely patrols came out this far but minimizing the chance of early discovery was the name of the game.  If Arsenal was able to seal the base before they gained entry it was a lost cause.  Unfurling an exacting Dakanan satellite map and checking his GPS Kam motioned them in closer, "Main entrance is near the docks on the eastern tip of the island."  he indicated the location with a finger, "They have operations running on at least three sides in two conflict zones according to the intel your family was able to get us."  he nodded to Veronica and Janus.  "They'll be running light guard rotations, getting to the entrance without raising an alarm should be possible."  he grimaced slightly, "Then we'll have to fight our way in and through to the crystals."


He then shifted to point to another area of the map nearer to the clearing they had dropped into by his calculations.  "There is an access point here on the old schematics."  Kam indicated, "But they may have sealed it, trapped it, set alarms or all three."  There was no recent intel on the base just reports form the soviet era and a small list of materials known to have gone in.  Not enough to have fully modernized or significantly altered the bases footprint, but enough that once inside they'd be relying on their wits to find their way around.  "If we can get  in that way we may be able to get in and out without raising an alarm."  that was unlikely they all knew but the benefits, and risks of the tunnel were high.  The frontal assault was at the least a known quantity.  Kam met his sisters eyes, "Front gate is the safe bet, but,"  he shrugged uncertainty, "my gut says the tunnel."  Glancing to the others for input he awaited the White Lions decision.

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Veronica looked down at the map that Kam had laid out on the ground, although it was hardly necessary, as she had already memorized it previously. There were a number of entrances to the old facility, but as Kam stated, each came with its own considerations and potential pros and cons. Ideally, they would be able to get into the facility and recover the stolen Daka crystals without the members of Arsenal that were present even knowing that they had been there.


But she was not so sure that some of those present would be content with things to go so easy for them. Veronica had seen her cousin grown more withdrawn over the school year, and knew her cousin was missing their home. Janus would certainly be one to welcome another fight with the mercenaries, and Veronica could not exactly blame them.


"Tunnel sounds fine with me." The teenage Danger finally replied, looking over to Kam and then over toward Àjàṣorò.

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