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Winds Of Chaos, Chains Of Fate (IC)

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There are few things one needs in life. To live, of course. Eat, sleep, repeat. That would get boring. So we find other things to occupy our time. Action, adventure. Though some use this as an excuse to be dreadful. Luckily there are people who will stand up and protect the less fortunate.


The days are long and hot in the summer, but nothing is left to chance. Or is it? Immortals hiding from society, treating humanity like a chess game. Or just the causality of the universe. You could ask this group of youth in ski masks and nondescript clothing, but they really don't care. They're using what minimal power they have to ransack a row of businesses in a mini mall.


Cops are on the scene. Pedestrians are freaked out. The kids are high on a cocktail  ZOOM and MAX. Guaranteed not to kill you or you money back. Suckers.

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Alexander had been on his way for lunch when the chaos had unfurled before him, streaks of colour had flown past him and drawn his attention away from the ATM he'd been queuing for and just as quickly as they'd come and gone the sound of sirens and the flashing of red and blue followed behind.


He had another half hour before he was expected back, surely it wouldn't take him that long to weigh In and help deal with whatever was going on?


And so like a silver meteorite he had lept his way over the barricade and into the thick of things amidst the whirling chaos of jumped up punks with powers


He'd learned that when things were so public as this the need for showmanship was paramount to reassure the public as much as demoralise the criminals.


Giving a shining thumbs up to the police containing the scene to let them know he was here to help he turned his attention to the cranked crooks.


standing tall like a colossus he bellowed his challenge to them


"Come and get some! I'll take you all on!"

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Daytime was hardly the time that Talon did most of his work. Indeed, Talon had very little business in the daytime. Samuel Amber, however, spent most of his days working as a network penetration specialist, and thus could not usually spare the time to wander a mini mall, of all places. However, this day proved to be quite different from most - he'd been called into the mini mall by a friend of a business associate who needed his considerable electronic expertise. 


The transaction had gone more or less as planned, and he'd handled the systems with ease, when a group of idiot youths began their attempt to begin ransacking the place. Samuel's eyes narrowed as he fell back into the shadows, silently moving towards a place where changing into his "night clothes" would not be noticed. However, before he could get away from the group, another individual interfered.


Samuel stopped, watching quietly for a moment, before assessing the odds of the sole individual's success against the various drugged up kids. It'd be best to be sure... He mused inwardly, before he swiftly darted into a nearby restroom. Within moments, Talon emerged, stealthily approaching the confrontation before looking around for any way he would be able to approach from above.

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