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Midair Conversations (IC)

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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, 2:02 PM


Fulcrum sometimes wondered what radar operators thought of Freedom City. The newer systems could easily track something of her size or smaller. At least that is what the science magazines were writing. But planes and helicopters were one thing. Flying heroes? That she'd like to chat with someone in the know.


Such were her musings as she descended toward home. Her flight path arced lazily westward across the blue waters of the Atlantic. Out there she could cut loose, but closer to land she slowed down to a more reasonable 200 mph or so. No need to shatter windows or capsize boats after all.


Soon the familiar face of Centurion's memorial gleamed on the horizon below her. She smiled. Home.


To those with keen eyes, a white and gold streak approached from the east and aimed for Sentry Statue.

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It had been a long day, a couple of villains to stop,a few bank robberies and an apartment fire. She needed a moment or two to gather her wits about herself before returning to everyday life. She liked to sometimes float in orbit and just watch the world float by, but she didn’t have the time so for now she choose somewhere a little more local. The statue was a good a place as any, as she felt a companionship with her “cousin” from the same earth as herself.


Floating cross legged a few meters above the head of the statue Triakosia was meditating, but she wasn’t completely unaware as her senses took in everything going on around her.


“If you're looking for a fight I have to warn you it’s been a very long day!”

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Fulcrum squinted as she neared the statue. Yes, that was definitely a person. Unfortunately, she didn't have much time to slow down.


The abrupt outburst motivated her though. The streak materialized into a giant woman in a white bodysuit. Her gold bracelets, belt and anklets gleamed in the afternoon sun. The instantaneous stop didn't affect her wake however. A gust blasted around her and washed over Triakosia and the statue's face. The flyer herself clutched a white purse as her long braid whipped in front of her. Distance wise,  she hovered maybe 50 feet from Triakosia.


Judging from her size and the blue triangle and lever symbol emblazoned across her chest, this was probably Fulcrum: local heroine, former Interceptor, visual artist, and as of 2014, self-outed pseudo-Terminus baby and stalwart advocate for their rights. Not much seen in costume the last few years. At least around Freedom City.


Her hair now under control, she smiled. "Oops! Sorry!" After a throaty chuckle, "I'm sorry to hear about your day. Maybe a pastry would brighten it?"


She patted the purse.

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Rather unexpectedly, Casey had the afternoon free; the instructor for her 1pm class had sent out an email early that morning to say that her three year old was very sick, so she wouldn't be able to make it to class. Now with a little time on her hands, the young journalism major decided to get in a little casual patrolling, flying around the harbor. As she scanned the boats bobbing in the bay, her sharp eyes picked out a group of people waving at her from the deck of one of the harbor tour boats. Feeling a little spontaneous and frisky (probably because it felt like she was playing hooky), Miracle Girl decided to drop out of the sky for an impromptu selfie and autograph session, which needless to say went over very well with the tourists. After taking an opportunity to greet everyone (including a chance to practice her ASL with a simply adorable deaf girl), the smiling blonde heroine waved goodbye to the nice folks as she rose into the air.


Her heart now feeling full and warm, Casey was about to bank out over the ocean for a little 'boom burst' (she often wanted to fly the fastest when she was very happy), when her eye caught something else: two flying heroines (one of whom she quickly recognized) meeting on top of the Centurion statue, one of her favorite hangouts, although she usually visited at night, when it offered simply the best view of the harbor. Her interest piqued, MG floated over to see what was up. Her red, white and blue jumpsuit, lack of a cape and golden glow instantly marked her as Miracle Girl to those in the know.


"Hi! is there room for one more?"

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For a moment, Mona worried if she had really upset the heroine. This especially after having a moment to look her over. The meditative flyer had a good look. In fact Mona went so far as to say a darn good look. But something about her just felt off. Like an old memory tickling at the back of her mind. The feeling wasn't bad, per say, just linked to some other, forgotten feeling. Obviously, she hadn't met this person before...


Fulcrum cocked her head and anticipated Triakosia's reaction. Which meant she was bit off-put when another flyer arrived. The expression on her face cycled through surprise to curiosity to pleasure.


A bakery box appeared from her purse. "I can only speak for myself, but the more the merrier."


She floated over to Miracle Girl and offered an oversized handshake. "I'm Fulcrum. Or Mona. Either works. A pleasure to meet you."


The box was then opened...only to reveal the sad remains of golden pastries. Her smile faltered. "Eh...they were apple turnovers. Well! They're finger food now. Help yourself."

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“Hello EmmGee good to see you again, though I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you before Fulcrum.” Dancia’s eyes snapped open and she gave the other two paragons a broad smile.



“Well that's not quite what I was expecting, you look smaller in the picture, still never kick a gift pastie in the mouth I always say!”


She floats over the pair but stopped a little distance away looking a little sheepish.


“Where are my manners? My name is Triakosia, and I’m very pleased to meet you!”

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"Oh, poor little turnovers! Well, they sacrificed themselves nobly so we could snack on them." The ever-hungry MG began to fish out several good-sized chunks of goodness before remembering her manners, which made her a little pink in the cheeks. "Oh, I'm sorry! I'm Miracle Girl. Or, uh, Casey if we're sharing first names. Very nice to meet you, Mona." Using a touch of her heatvision, the blonde paragon heated up her tasty nibbles until they steamed like they were fresh out of the oven. Before she popped the first piece into her mouth, she hesitated for a moment and looked to the other two.


"Uh...either of you want a warm-up? Makes 'em taste like home!"

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Triakosia was offered the same enormous hand and consequent shake. "Very pleased to meet you as well!"


The turnovers were accordingly, offered to Triakosia.


Mona grinned at the heat vision trick. Then she offered up turnover pieces in her palm. "After you, Casey."


As her turnover received super-powered heating, she turned her attention back to Triakosia, "I hear that a lot actually. I'm not as bulky as some my height. So people tend to underestimate. Sometimes by a foot or more."


The turnovers were delicious, and Mona slowly chewed her perfectly heated bite while looking back and forth at the two paragons. 


"Okay, before we go any further, I just have to say this. You both have amazing looks!"

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Pasties was always a good way to start a conversation, and she happily tried a turnover, she was happily that her superhuman constitution that she didn’t have to worry about her diet.


“Thank’s these are pretty good, and please call me Dancia.”


At the complement of her costume, she gave a rather embarrassed shrug. She wasn’t embarrassed by the costume itself, she was proud of what it represented both her and the Earth that she’d have come from so many years ago.


“Truth be told this is just the uniform from the unit I originally served with, and obviously the same sources as the big guy we’re hovering above!”

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"My pleasure, Dancia."


To emphasize the point, Fulcrum held the box open and let them have at the turnovers. Or bits of tasty turnovers in any event.


Dancia's comment caught her attention however. She cocked her head slightly and examined the costume again. Mona's face passed through a series of emotions: surprise, wonder, and finally intrigue.


"Okay, now my curiosity has the better of me. Same sources, unit you served in. May I know more please?"


Obviously, Dancia had her full and undivided attention!



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  • 4 weeks later...


Danica looked thoughtful for a few moments, her whole history was something she’d considered a lot since the adopting Katie and the whole anniversary of the death of Centurion. She’d wondered if she’d have some form of imposters syndrome, it was sometimes a heavy burden to carry not that she’d ever consider not do what she can.


“On the Earth we come from the Roman Empire never fell, it wasn’t a utopia but the world was at peace. I wanted to serve my Empress by defending the Empire so I join the Legion. I was an excellent soldier and was picked to join one of the elite units the 300th Legion, or the Triakosia, guarding one of the Empires advanced research laboratories. Life was good, until Omega came...”

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Mona was spellbound. In awe. And looked like a little girl listening to The Best Story Ever.


"Woah." A fine Keanu Reeves impersonation punctuated the end of Triakosia's tale.


Mona was quiet. Her eyes darted about in thought. A conflicted look crossed her face. Finally, she settled on embarrassment, and rubbed the back of her head.


"Sorry. That was an amazing. I mean...look, I'll be honest, Centurion is the reason I'm a hero. Why I'm alive. So to meet someone from your world...," she trailed off with a nervous chuckle.


Gathering her thoughts, she asked, "How did you make it here then? A life pod like Centurion's? And yes, I've read just about all publicly available data."


A moment later she grimaced.


"Sorry, sorry. This is your story, not his," she waved away the questions and popped the heated pastry into her mouth.


"On other topics, how is life on this Earth treating you? I imagine you're settled, but do you need anything?"

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Dancia gave a smile at the other gather paragons, it was actually nice to be able to tell her story to someone.


“No it’s good, our stories are actually entwined together. You see I was assigned to based working on transdimensional teleportation, whilst Centurions parents were working on a pod to travel between worlds. When the invasion happened I was sent to try and get help whilst Centurion was sent by his parents to a new world. I don’t understand the science but it seems that the teleport bean followed the path formed by the ship, though it took a little longer.” she gave a little smile


“I really don’t look my age technically being 134! The voyage altered my body making me how I am now, but it also made me lost my memory until a few years ago.” 

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Temporarily forgetting her manners (again!), Casey found herself eating the lion's share of the turnovers, but she couldn't help it; they were super-tasty (especially hot!), and Dancia's story was so compelling that she found herself gobbling them like movie snacks. By the time she caught herself, they were nearly gone, and her cheeks went bright red.


"'M sohrry," she offered sheepishly before swallowing her mouthful. "I, uh, have an accelerated metabolism. Always hungry. Those were so good!" Casey cleared her throat and dusted crumbs off her costume. "I don't have a special link with Centurion, other than obviously admiring him. I got my powers from my dad, during a freak accident in a thunderstorm." She paused, and rolled her finger forward to continue the narrative. "My dad's Vigilant, 'America's First Line of Defense'?" She looked between the two women, then shook her head. "You might not of heard of him; he mostly does high altitude surveillance for NORAD and AEGIS."

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Mona whistled. "Must have taken a bit longer. I have to say, you're looking a spry 134! So were you just...suspended out where? Between worlds? A fascinating power source I must say."


At Casey's apology, Mona shook her head, but let the heroine finish speaking.


She is absolutely adorable.


"No need to be sorry. I'm glad you like them. Give me...," she started, her outline blurring a second or two, "a moment."


She held out another box, labeled as "Masha's Magnificent Muffins", which in fact did contain turnovers and muffins.


"I've heard the name, but I can't say I know anything about Vigilant. Sorry. Sounds like receiving your powers from your dad is a bit of a double-edged sword. How did that happen?"


She took a dainty bite from a walnut muffin.

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Conversation and snacks above the city skyline, what could be a better way to spend a few hours? The funk she’d been feeling was more or less lifted, though the thought of her original home gave her a slight pang of lost. But she was more than happy to live on this Earth, it was really her home now what with the addition of Katie.


“Apparently I traveled through the Zero Zone, though I only have the vaguest memories of the journey. I think I might have dropped out of the Zone a few times, at some point I’ll probably go back and fill in the blanks.”


She’d seen enough weirdness with alternative version of herself, let alone looking at that weird gap in her history.

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  • 2 weeks later...

At the sight of more baked goods, Miracle Girl utterly failed to hide her sheer delight. "Alright!" Then remembering her manners, she cleared her throat as she daintily fished out a single muffin. "Well as far as the powers go, we think it was sort of like a transfer. I was flying a single prop plane with my dad as a passenger, logging some supervised flying hours for my license, when we were struck by lighting. It passed through my dad into me." Carefully removing the muffin cup, she continued. "Although there's a theory that I may have had a limited form of my powers earlier; I survived a horrible skiing accident that probably should have killed me, but instead put me in the hospital for half a year. So."


She shrugged as she took a big bite out of her muffin 

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"The Zero Zone? Now that is a strange place. From what little I've heard, your story is consistent with the physics of that place. But I'm sure you know that all too well by now."


Realizing the deliciousness of this new batch, Fulcrum unceremoniously chomped her muffin in one bite. Now the scene wasn't quite as comical as you'd imagine. She was a rather big gal anyway, but the poor muffin didn't stand a chance anyway. Two chews and it was gone.


"Not trying to invite myself, but if you ever need back up, I'd travel with you to the Zero Zone," she tacked on with a serious tone and firm nod. Part of her was interested in visiting for opportunity, but another part wanted to support her new friend in such an unu


Toward the tail end of Casey's story, Mona winced. "Ouch! That would explain surviving though. I've heard of various combinations of events leading to full-blown powers. Heck, I was blasted with Terminus radiation while on chemo. Anything can happen."


Eyeing the box of treats, she picked out a turnover and almost took a bite while talking. "I take it both of you were okay? I mean after the lightning strike? Seems you were, but you never know." Yes, now, she bit into the pastry.



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Dancia munched on the pastries for a few minutes considering the offer, thinking through her experiences so far.  


“You know I been to several parallel Earths in my years here, but I’ve never been back to the Zero Zone!” she gave it a little thought before adding


“I guess I’m cautious about what I’d find there, I’ve th vague impressions that more happened on the journey that what I remember. If it did it’s buried so deep even the psychic can find it.” she smiled and added


“But if I do I will obviously call on you first.”

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Mona smiled, "Thank you. Here's to hoping the journey is successful and safe." To that she retrieved another pastry, and this time, nibbled on it.


"The Zero Zone also sounds like just the sort of place to cause memory issues like that. The whole thing...well...I understand why it has been used as a prison. Can't condone it myself, but I can understand the gravity of the situations faced." Another nibble.


"Oh, chocolate." She visibly resisted the urge to annihilate this one as well.


"I've visited some strange places over the years, but parallel Earths are surprisingly few on my list. I met my double from Animal Earth for example. But visiting Ani-Earth? Someday. So what parallel Earths have you visited?"


As for Miracle Girl, Mona would from time-to-time wave the box towards her in temptation. A gentle, good-natured temptation.

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