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Happiness in Slavery OOC

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Great rolls, but as you said, just skimming.


Official stuff:

Rita Lang has been working on nanotech for more than 20 years. She has had many interesting theories about how nanomachines could be used to cure diseases, repair tissue and more, once the technology fully matures, at least. She has generally kept out of public, but is well known in academia. She has been with ArcheTech since ArcheTech West opened.

Generally speaking, Rita seems to be more of a planner than a doer, making the plans and theories, and leaving it to her assistants to actually build the nanomachines.

There has been several instances in the past of assistants or colleagues complaining about her being a perfectionist, firing others over mistakes. Rita claims that this has only been after several similar incidents.

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Keeping a mind that its not your specialty, you'd know the rough basics of nanomachines: Very tiny machines, that can be programmed for a variety of purposes. They have not seen much use in either public or private sectors yet, having been a mostly theoretical science, that has now evolved into an emerging technology. There are theories that they can be used to do anything from 3D printing to biochips, nanoassembly, use in medicinal fields and more. All the information you had been able to find on Dr. Lang kept her actual area of expertise for nanomachines intentionally vague.

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Alright then! 


The whole thing is obviously very advanced. Just being able to figure out what the different terms, both in terms of programming the nanobots, the technology used to create them, and how they relate to, and actually do work on the body, is not easy, but Nicole manages! Unfortunately, there's a lot of different versions and commits, and some of it is really not well documented at all. To see what each change could do, and what could have made each effect that stopped the change? It seems like its needle in a haystack level searching.


You might get lucky, of course, if you want to try rolling Search and Notice again. With those bonuses, you do have a fair chance of making it.


As for the second notice at 20, that'll come up in my IC.

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That's all up to you, but give me an IC for the searching of the first rolls, so I can get an IC in on the good notice, at least. Feel free to make up whatever techno babble you want. I probably wrote it wrong: I meant, you can spend another round of posts on continuing to search if you want to, but there'll be something else, as per my eventual IC, that you'll notice is happening, so whether Nicole feels like she has the time is another matter entirely.

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Alright, Nicole should be clearly hearing those bumps, and that they're slowly rising in volume. Whatever it is, it is getting closer, but Rita doesn't seem to notice.


You can keep going, rolling Search and Notice again for trying to find that one commit. Or, you can take whatever other actions you want to.

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You manage to narrow it down to an area of a potential 20 commits. The problem is, that they all have very sparse documentation, with things generally being along the lines of "Bug fixed", "Made some changes", "Tried something for zombie rat problem."


The bumps will be getting much louder, and closer, as per my IC once you've made yours.

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So, the mice are pretty much everywhere, and they're COMING FOR YOU! 


The office floor is pretty open at first view, but with tables and work stations spread out, and some isolated large cubes as offices, like Rita's. I've presented some options of where to try to go, but you are of course free to come up with your own options, or try something entirely different.


If you try to get to one of the options I've presented, give me a DC 12 Reflex Save to avoid the mice.

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I wouldn't call this outright combat, so no need for initiative, but give me another reflex save to avoid being bitten. DC10 this time, and attack rolls if you try to smash them somehow.

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