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Better Thinking in the Lost World


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April 4th


Rapa Nui, W.E.S.T Headquarters


A light rain had greeted Dr North as the WEST plane landed. He was not in a good mood, and the tepid precipitation suited. Now he was in the reinforced WEST headquarters on Rapa Nui, affectionately known as EAST. 


There was the usual reports of threats across the globe on his desk. Most of these didn't pan out to anything serious, or needed only further management by the other local or world authorities. An Ebola outbreak in Africa. A mutated Crocodile in New Orleans. Metaphasic radiation in Freedom City. The normal. 


The major problem was the reappearance of Doctor Archeville. And the threat he may or may not pose. To Doctor Norris North's educated mind, Doctor Archeville was a net neutral. He could solve as many problems as he created. He could save as many lives as he created. He harboured no particular distrust of the man or the personality, or any particular warmth either. It was a situation that should be managed, and by his estimation that meant diplomacy and investigation. That meant W.E.S.T. 


The world was most keen for W.E.S.T. to keep a heavy eye on Doctor Archeville and his experiments. They wanted, as normal, the impossible. All he could do was meet them halfway. He felt, like normal, that he was playing an impossible game of chess with mysterious new pieces. 


In any case, he had requested Doctor Archeville meet him at EAST. 


He would have to size up the risks and benefits of the man. He hoped very very much it would be less of the former, more of the latter...


But if there was a hazard, he was prepared. And he had asked Delta to be on site. In case they needed some heavy blasters...




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A few moments after the plane landed, the door opened and a figure walked out.  At first Dr. North mistook them for some member of the flight crew, head low and shoulders hunched.  Then he noticed that the rain was not falling on this figure, but bouncing off, as if deflected by an invisible umbrella... or force field.  As North took a closer look at the figure, he saw that this was indeed the (in)famous Doktor Viktor Archeville, though his usual swagger and energy were nowhere to be seen.  He had not been seen in years, and whatever had happened to him to drive him to seclusion had brought some definite changes to his demeanour.


He waved to North with one hand, the other was holding some small device up -- likely his famed Electromagnetic Screwdriver, responsible for the umbrella-field.  "Hello, Doctor North," the German omnidisciplinarian said, barely audible above the rain. 

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"Hello and welcome" replied North. He didn't shake hands, but he did give a friendly smile. He was a man of average build, in his fifties, with an excellent moustache and rather unfashionable glasses. He had the look of the seventies somehow - a cord jacket and shirt, but no tie. A little too heavy for this time of the year in this time of the world. He was sweating. 


He guided the Doctor into EAST politely. The WEST headquarters was much like WEST - small but expensive. It was largely built underground, and reinforced with titanium and more exotic and stronger alloys. Given what lay in its vault, given what went on its laboratories, this was wise. 


After all, why had it been placed in the most remote corner of the earth?


It was air conditioned, clean, and full of glass. Some security guards and scientists could be seen - many were trying to get a peek at the (in)famous Doktor. And the Security guards kept their distance, nervous above their predisposition to nerves. 


The security was tight but the headquarters was not designed to fend off an army. Or even a stronger supervillain. In case of defined assault, it would simply burn all its research and samples. And given its position, nobody really wanted to do that. Its major threat was spies and thefts, not assault. 


And in this regard, security was tight. Scans, scans, and more scans. 


"If you would be so good? You understand the ah...nerves...." said North, asking Doctor Archeville to step into a full body MRI scan that was analysed by a machine intelligence. 


"Perhaps you could fill me in on your ah...history. Recent history, that is....whilst we just check you aren't going to explode or something...."


His tone was actually fairly soft, fairly genial, and not above a bit of humour. 

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Archeville's existence as a technorganic posthuman was still something of a secret, not known to many.  The Freedom League knew, as did the Interceptors (well, word had been passed to them, at least), and other heroes who had worked directly with him.  Keeping secrets had lead to many of his problems, and he wanted to make sure he wasn't doing that anymore.  On the other hand, he hadn't wanted to broadcast his change -- particularly as it had come with his death, opening the door to questions over whether he truly was Archeville or a copy (a quandry he'd wrestled with for some time himself!) -- so he had kept that part out of the public.  Airport metal detectors would ping his hybrid flesh-metal-circuitry substance, bu he rarely had to deal with those, and the few times he did, it was a relatively simple manner to generate an EM masking signal, or interface mentally with the scanner to make everything appear okay.


I could fool this MRI scanner without much added difficulty, he thought.  Deflect the magnetic fields, interface with the machine to generate a 'normal' scan showing I am a standard human... but that way is a slippery slope.  And there may be things in there that would react negatively to my form, pose unique hazards to me, so it really would be best to share this information with Doctor North.


"Well," he began, standing before the scanner, "I was possessed by an entity from beyond the known multiverse," he said matter-of-factly, "which used everything I had built up over the years to bring horrors to this word.  But I got better.  And then I died, fighting the Power Corps & the Science Squad in Germany.  I got better from that, too," he said as he entered the scanner, "though not without some... alterations.  Which I would greatly prefer be kept confidential, Doctor."

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W.E.S.T. had a complicated relationship with the various agencies and organisations aorund the world, and that included the Freedom League. However, given they were there to detect scientific anomalies that could threaten the world (and arguably, beyond), there was a general feeling that sharing information with them was a good thing. The nerves came from W.E.S.T sharing that information with others. 


"Confidentiality is a principle" agreed North. "But safety is another. I'm sorry...we don't broadcast our information in general, but if it comes down to the safety of the world or releasing information..."


He shrugged his shoulders. It was a no-brainer. Just like in medicine, Confidentiality was not absolute. 


Dr North studied the MRI scanner. It was as he expected, and as Archeville had explained. He was no expert on the matter, but it was clear that whilst Archeville was not agressive, the systems there could be used offensively. 


It was a risk taking him in. But it was a risk not. Who knew when they might need him. 


"I hope you take the same principle with this headquarters. It is not exactly a secret, but on the other hand we prefer not to advertise it to the world" he explained. 


"Forgive my nerves" he added, leading Archeville into the building proper. "W.E.S.T was set up as an early detection system for scientific threats. You can imagine that you feature on that list. Very high up...."


"The world is nervous. And whilst I have an open mind and a generous disposition, and am inclined to view you as a positive force, if the world is nervous, I tend to get so too...."

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The MRI scans confirmed what the League had shared with WEST: that Viktor Archeville was no longer a flesh-and-blood human, but something quite different.  Possibly unique, at least on this world, a strange hybrid of flesh and metal and circuitry.


"Of course, of course," Archeville replied, nodding, "I know well the delicate balancing act between confidentiality and responsibility.  And, yes, I fully expect I would be high up on your list.  Though, ah, I admit I am a bit curious as to just how high.  Top Ten?  Top Five?"  He waved a hand dismissively, "no, no, you don't have to answer."


"So," he peered beyond North, to the facility entrance behind him, "what are some of WEST's current projects?  Or, rather, the most pressing projects?"

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Number one, actually. Although North didn't say so. It wasn't his opinion, or indeed the opinion of W.E.S.T, that Doctor Archeville should be that high. Just in the top five. 


However W.E.S.T, for better or worse, was not truly independent, but caught in the cobweb of world politics. And the world had put Archeville as number one. 


But like much science, North felt it was more complicated that that. Archeville could reduce as many risks as he created. 


"It's high" he said, non-commitally. "You will appreciate that a scientist who could create black hole bombs, or reverse gravity infections, operating with little or no oversight, and your...ah....psychological profile, creates anxiety". 


"But enough of that. You aren't going to explode today, or, I hope, tomorrow..."


He brought Archeville through a bio-hazard airlock (complete with Chlorine and microwave washes) and into one of the sealed laboratories. 


The room was chilly, for good reason. Two researchers were poring over a dead monkey on a slab. 


The monkey was wearing a yellow spandex costume, and had an energy rifle by his side. 


"This one is a bit concerning" he said, both worried and excited. "We don't really do research per se. We don't have projects per se. Our remit is to detect global threats caused by exotic science. Risk assessment, you could say. We, ah, subcontract the actual interventions, for the most part. A number of superheroes with scientific backgrounds have clearance with WEST, and are usually happy to help when there is a serious problem..."


He went over to the corpse and sniffed. 


"As things go, this is not the worst, by any means. But it is baffling. Monkeys wearing armour and carrying energy weapons?"

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"I've heard of stranger things," Archeville replied as he took everything in.  "Like of the group of intelligent, telepathic rhesus monkeys out in the western United States.  But this appears to be a chimpanzee, not a rhesus.  But is it, or is it merely something that appears to be a Pan troglodytes?"  He flipped through pages of medical data, "ah, yes, this does appear to be a chimp, mutated by the Darwin-X virus.  He would have been able to talk to us... but what would you have said?," he 'asked' the corpse.  "And where did you come from, hrm?  Medical laboratory?  Poacher?  Perhaps your gear can give us a clue."


He peered at the jumpsuit and rifle, examining them with eyes that saw more of the EM spectrum than most, and careful to not (yet) touch anything.  Then he looked at the results of WEST's own scans, then back at the items.  "The jumpsuit can react instantly to impacts or energy attacks, going rigid or reflective as needed, and the material itself can rapidly disperse the energy of an attack, all while remaining as light and flexible as silk.  I've designed something similar, but the resources required would make the cost too high for it to be effective for military use -- did whoever make this find some workarounds?  Perhaps using Darwin-X-modified silkworms?"  He turned his focus to the weapon, "this is similarly advanced, using something similar to -- yet distinct from -- Daka crystals, as both power source and focusing lens.  It's almost as if the Daka crystals were changed as much as this poor chimp here... which would be extremely worrying, if that virus could affect inorganic, non-living matter."  Archeville's eyes went wide as he considered the implications of that.  "Well... let's demolish that bridge when we get to it."

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He got that fast. 


It had taken WEST a few days - with high calibre scientists and high calibre equipment, to come to the come to the same conclusion. In truth, Dr Norris North hadn't asked for Archeville's opinion to solve a puzzle (although a fresh pair of eyes was always welcome). He had come to test Dr Archeville. Was he still as fast as he used to be? Was he honest?


He had expected Dr Archeville to be fast. And to be honest. But expectation and reality were two seperate things. 


"Yes, that was our thinking" he nodded. "There certainly is evidence of a mutated Bacterium that has incorperated the Darwin-X virus*" he said. "But I'm not sure what we are looking at here. The Darwin-X virus is highly unstable. We have barely any samples, and only last year we foiled an attack stealing what few samples we have...**"


"How someone has managed to use it for controlled mutation is beyond me. Even with the best medical care, the mortality rate is 70%. And the five year mortality rate increases to above 90%" he said, sadly. And that was with the best medical care. Darwin-X could be a horrific biological weapon. 


"We found this...well, lets call it a monkey. Its the best word available, I think. We found this monkey in Brazil. Near an entrance to the Lost World. Which complicates the matter even further...."


*One or Two victims of the mysterious mechaphage have already been noted, folks!

**Replica stopped this terror when helping out W.E.S.T, readers!

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"The Lost- oh my.  Oh, my, my, my," Archeville muttered, mind racing with possibilities.  "If Darwin-X was introduced there, mutating the dinosaurs and other creatures, that could be catastrophic, to the Lost World's ecosystem and to our own, if any of them escaped.  We might not just see stronger and faster creatures, but smarter one -- dinosaurs taken down evolutionary paths leading to full sapience.  And possibly armed with advanced armor and weaponry." 


"But what if whoever's doing this goes the other way?," he asked, looking over the medical data once more.  "What if they went to the Lost World to collect some prehistoric microbe, something no one here has any resistance to, and altered that with Darwin-X?  That could be what the earlier incident was, a test to see how Darwin-X interacts with bacteria.  They could loose a plague upon the world that would make the Black Death look like the common cold!"

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"You see the problem. And why W.E.S.T was set up" answered North, gravely. He was still half distracted by the data on the screens. And the corpse on the slab. 


"The WHO monitors global disease threats. We monitor global threats like this. In the case of Darwin-X there is some overlap, but they aren't set up to consider all the ramifications. Although on this matter, we are joint working. They don't have the same security systems as us, however. And this needs to be kept under wraps, for now..."


He scratched his head. He stroked his moustache. 


"We need a team on site. Ready to go into the Lost World. Not an easy prospect, even if we have have access to some fine military men and women, and skilled hunters. Our field agents are skilled too, but this is hazardous and serious. We have already brought in one of our superhero consultants, Delta..."


He paused. 


"A rougue Omegadrone. I..ah...hope thats not an issue?"

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"I am glad W.E.S.T. exists," Archeville replied, nodding solemnly, "too often have there have been threats that no one organization could handle, and which required collaborative efforts.  Or which could have been predicted far ahead of time, if various organizations had shared their disparate observations.  'Can't see the forest for the trees,' and all that."


If I had been more willing to share with others, then perhaps- no, no use in dwelling on past failures.


At the mention of a trip to the Lost World, Archeville's mind began racing with preparations for such a trip: hazards they'd encounter, supplies they'd need, what local resources would be available to them should they be cut off, and so on.  But North's mention of the consultant brought those thought processes to an abrupt end.


I know of the one working with Miss Americana, but there's another one?


"I... well, if W.E.S.T. can vouch for them," he replied finally, "then I see no reason why there would be any problems.  My main concern would be how they -- and, frankly, how I -- will react once we're in the Lost World, as some reports I have read indicate there is some manner of 'anti-technology' field in parts of it."

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"We can vouch for him" nodded North. "At least, he has been vetted by local intelligence agencies and he has a track record of working with us. Stopped something very...ah...strange, happening. Quite a trip, I hear"


Honesty was one thing. But Dr Archeville hadn't deposited enough in the bank of trust quite yet for him to spill official secrets. W.E.S.T was, by and large, not riddled with the same security issues as intelligence agencies, but it had had to sign up to significant discretion in releasing information. Ah! The headache of coordinating amongst so many agencies...so many agendas....so much politics. 


But that's what they paid North for. And he was good at it. 


"Uncofirmed reports" agreed North. "The Lost World is a difficult area for us. We are tasked with protecting the world from scientific threats and that often includes dimensional...ah....issues...." he said, pushing his glasses back on his nose. "But how far do we go in? We have generally kept ourselves to monitoring the known portals. The Lost World is something we have a little knowledge of. But not a lot...."


"With any luck you wont have to go in" he said, more optimistically. "But honestly, who knows what is going on? We have to find out..."


He lead Doctor Archeville out of the forensic laboratory back into the main building, inviting him to his office...


"Please step in. There is someone I would like you to meet..."


The office was wood panelled, clean, and spartan with a hint of antiquity. A leather bound desk, a wall of books, and a high spec computer. Not cluttered, but pleasant. A coffee machine to one side gave off a splendid aroma. 


And waiting for the both of them was Delta!

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Clothed in camo, the green and brown variety, stands a tall well muscled man...or maybe that is too strong a term, the clothing covers his chest but exposes most of his back, neck and both shoulders and arms. Those areas are not flesh but black cybernetics picked out with highlights of red and a large disk used to disperse heat. Another amalgamation of technology and flesh turned it's head to look at the Doctor, massive bulbous machine eyes stare at the doctor, unblinking as they whir softly, the aperture irising open to allow him to look more carefully at the newest visitor to west. Diodes flash on the mostly mechanical head, flashing red and green as information is processed and an artificial reality HUD flashes into existence information flowing in front of the big muscled cyber-man.


Stamping his boots just a little he turns, standing at ease as he lets a smile curl the human part of his face up,"Greetings, I am Delta, from Dr. North's briefing I am to assume you are Dr. Archeville? What do you think of the mission we have been assigned, my last was a doozy....although I got to see some rather lovely Zeppelin's."

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That's... different.  Definitely not a standard model.


Archeville was certainly no stranger to cyborgs, and was passingly familiar with Omegadrones, so Delta's appearance didn't disturb him too much.  He offered his hand to him, "I am indeed, though I am curious as to what he told you of me, as he told me little of you.  Your sensory implants appear quite different from those of a standard Omegadrone -- were you a 'limited production model,' or were they added in after you went rogue?"  He withdrew his hand, squeezed his eyes shut, and shook his head, "sorry, sorry, that was impolite.  Tell me or don't, all I need know is that North vouches for you."  He opened his eyes and offered his hand again.  "I look forward to learning from your experiences, and working together on solving this issue."

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That went as well as could be reasonably hoped. Thought Dr North. There was no reason to expect fireworks, but he was glad there weren't any. 


"I'm sure we can have plenty of time to discuss the fine detail of Omegadrone construction in air" he said. 


He flicked a button on his desk and went on speaker phone. 


"Could you please prep the plane, Doreen" he said. "We have a trip to Brazil"


He turned back to Archeville and Delta. "We do like to be prepared" he smiled. 


After the incident in Finland, and the futile search for the Red Net, they had had to rebuild the mobile laboratory that was the WEST plane.  He had insisted on an aquarium this time. They had not been best pleased, but better that WEST was well equipped than not. 


"It is fully equipped with the latest in mobile laboratory equipment and we have stocked its cargo hold with survival equipment and tranq-guns. Plus, I have assigned Agent Cortez to the mission, alongside a hired gun, Sgt Henry. Don't worry about him, on loan from the British. Trained in Jungle warfare and our pilot for the mission!"


"We have more equipment in stock here, but as I say we have prepared for this mission. If you are ready, we can go!" he said, keenly. "I've decided to come along on this one!"

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Delta looked unblinking at the Doctor, his smile fixed if a little more strained,"Not much, actually, just that you were of interest to WEST and that I was to be on hand to work with you." He started to walk to the plane and shook his head,"No, I am not an Omegadrone, my brothers and I were supposed to replace the Omegadrone....like the humans have a SWAT team to compliment the standard police, our task was as a special weapons force but our creator wanted to replace the Omegadrones with us, and earn favor with the ruler of Terminus."



He nodded as the Doctor cut his questions short, he tilted his head and listened as Dr North spoke on, smirking at the mention of being prepared, and that's why they had him on hand in case the good Dr got out of hand. Focusing on Dr North for a moment he shook his head,"I am ready to go whenever the plane is ready."

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Archeville nodded, still (discretely) looking over Delta's tech.  "Interesting.  Were there many of you?  Are there any still out there?  Did any of them go rogue, as you did?"


How ironic it would be, if an attempt to create a stronger, tougher Omegadrone resulted in an Omegadrone with free will.  But they could still put that will towards catastrophic goals, there is no reason to assume they would automatically rebel, or rebel in a way that would help the multiverse.  North vouches for this one, but...


Archeville nodded to North, "I am as ready as can be expected."  He cocked his head slightly at his last announcement, "do you often go out on field missions?  I was under the impression you were- ah, that is, that you'd left those days behind," he added diplomatically.

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And so...


The HORIZON was the flagship of WEST, or, more precisely, the flagplane. A converted 747, it was faster, sleeker, and full of every bit of laboratory or scientific equipment that they could fit, including an infirmary and an aquarium. The aquarium was, probably, there as a luxury item (and was the seed of much argument on funding). 


"You wont see me in the Jungle" smiled North "although I did my time sweating when I was with the WHO" he explained. "No, Ill stay on the Horizon and monitor the communications and sensor arrays" he said. "I know I'm not cut out for Jungle trekking, but I could hardly stay behind when there is a blaster carrying monkey in the mix, can I?"


The HORIZON started its descent into the Jungles of Brazil. 


"Got an old house here we can use. Pulled in a favour from the British Museum, belongs to the Crow family. Dusty Antiquarians. But It's the nearest airstrip to the portal to the Lost World" explained North as they descended. "Should serve, but its twenty or thirty miles through thick jungle to our best estimate of the portal. And who knows what else?"


"Strap yourselves in!" called a friendly voice over the intercom. Sgt Henry "Henry" Henry, ex British-SAS, pilot and jungle warfare expert, was more than happy to work for WEST and this was the perfect job for him. He piloted the HORIZON ably, and clearly was experienced. A jovial man with a broken nose, cauliflower ear, and several scars, he still had a broad grin and a respectful, happy attitude. 


Agent Cortez was a tall, thin Brazillian scientist, an expert in zoology, who had the body of a Brazillian model but the face of someone hit with the ugly stick; lopsided, and angled in all the wrong places. She had a sensibly shaved head and a cynical but intelligent attitude. She seemed rather pleased to be on the job and with Doctor Archeville. She strapped herself in silently and gritted her teeth. 


"I love my job. But I hate flying..." she groaned as everyones ears (well, those that had ears) started to pop...

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"There were five of us, Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta and Echo....so far I am the only one who has escaped the mind control chip. I hope to help my brothers escape as well. It is not good they are being put to task destroying the universe for the Lord of the Terminus.",Delta's voice was grim and determined as he spoke about those created with him, and his jaw set it was perhaps good that Delta had some time to listen to North prattle for awhile and gather himself again.


Delta did as instructed and soon was strapped in before smiling at Agent Cortez,"If it helps at all I'm pretty sure I can get the plane to the ground safely if something goes wrong? I'm sure nothing will....this plane seems in good shape, right?"


Delta didn't add that he could likely fly the plane if need be, or fix it, because that would be bragging and the human likely just needed some reassurances,"Good news is, no one is shooting at us, right?"

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Archeville smiled at Agent Cortez.  It was not the rakish smile he had flashed at so many women (and quite a few men) over the years, but a calm and reassuring one.  "I am sure this will go fine.  And if anything does happen to this craft," he jerked his head towards Delta, "I am sure that, between him and I, we can get us out."


Which reminds me, I need to try something before we land.


He buckled his own seatbelt and leaned back, calmly taking in the scene about him.  He noted the gear everyone was using, and used his technopathic abilities to reach out to every bit of electronic gear so he could get a 'feel' for them, to familiarize himself with all the equipment, and note the radio frequencies the comms used so he could link up to them if need be.  When his eyes fell on Delta, he sent a radio message to the Omegadrone's systems, having it flash up as text on his HUD.  "Hello, Archeville here.  Just wanted to see if we could communicate this way, in case something happens to our WEST-issued gear."

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There was a brief moment of panic as words started to show up on his HUD, that had long been the way of relaying instructions to the squad by his creator but once he knew what it was Delta breathed a long slow breath and sat back, glancing over at the Doctor very briefly before replying in kind,"Very good, I have the ability to communicate over a long distance via radio waves and to be able to control machinery at that distance as well, even up to and including flying and driving vehicles. Please let me know if there are any other tests you are planning on running."

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The HORIZON began its final descent. Despite its air conditioning, one could almost feel the humidity and heat below, as rich ultra green jungle covered almost every inch of the hills and plains. 


The Crow Residence was sprawling and crumbling. It was not easy to maintain out here, but somehow it remained upright. The runway, at least was useable, and Sgt Henry landed the plane with only the mildest of bumps and jostles, attributable to the state of the runway rather than his skill as a pilot. 


Doctor North was already on the sensor array alongside Cortez. "Not really our area, dimensional anomalies" he conceded. "If you would be so good, Doctor?" he asked Archeville, pointing to the computers that gave up to date readouts and holographic displays on null-infinity paradoxical antievents, and hyperdimensional lensing effects. Quite the cutting edge in science!

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Archeville gave a satisfied "hrm" as he looked over the sensors -- given all the bureaucratic difficulties he knew WEST faced, he'd not expected them to have tech quite this good!  They must be getting more help than most realize... but from whom?


After a few moments of checking and re-checking the readings, he turned to the team.  "So the good news is, the portal's a bit closer than Dr. North indicated: 31.3 kilometres, as the raven flies.  The bad news is, the terrain's rougher than Dr. North indicated: there are monstrously, impassably thick patches of jungle scattered about, possibly the result of Darwin X mutating some of the local flora.  Maybe the result of an accidental leak, an incidental side effect, or maybe something intentionally put up by whoever's behind this, as added security.  And, of course," he turned slightly and tapped on one of the monitors, "the portal is in the middle of one of the larger patches.  Speaking of, the odd news: these scans shows some anomalies with the portal -- exotic particles coming off, and behaving in ways odd even for exotic particles -- but I cannot make out what these anomalies indicate.  It could be that the portal's unstable, and is going to wink out... or jump to some other part of the jungle... or that the other end is going to move, sending whoever goes through to an entirely different part of the Lost World."  He frowned and shook his head, "once we get closer, I should be able to get clearer readings and could tell more."

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"I told you I was staying on the Plane, right?" smiled North. 


"Cheer up. Its only 20 miles" said Sgt Henry, strolling in from the Cockpit. He was already in lightweight Jungle Khaki, a knife strapped to his belt, a Tranq-Gun in his hand, a smile on his face. 


"Its a wonderful jungle out there" said Cortez, taking a Tranq-gun for herself, and a WEST Scanner. She offered some scanners to Delta and Archeville, although it was arguable if they would get any mileage out of them. 


There was plenty of water and rations to go around. Sgt Henry helped himself to a machete and rope. Cortez had a first aid kit on her back. 


"Of course, if anybody can teleport us there, that would be spiffing" chimed in Henry. 


"I rather look forward to Jungle trips" murmured Cortez, keenly. "Plenty of wildlife! And I have antivenom in case anyone gets bitten!"

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