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Sorry, forgot to mention, also using his Magic Awareness to scan the area for magical auras, persistent or lingering.

It's Acute, so if there's any magical radiation, he'll be able to discern fine details (type of magic, relative strength, etc.).

It's Penetrates Concealment, so he can see magical auras through physical obstacles.

It's Tracking, so he can see "trails" and "marks" left behind by magic after it leaves the area.


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With witch sight, a few things become clear: the only magic actually in the room comes from the red gemstone lying in the biggest scorch mark, none of the damage to the nursery was from any magical source. The gem seems to have been some sort of conduit, and not actually very powerful at that. However there is a glaringly-strong source of displacement in the floor, a sustained portal to somewhere. The magic is utterly unlike anything Hex has encountered so far. The effect is like trying to decipher penmanship so ornate, intricate and deft that despite nominally being in the same language it might as well be from another species. 

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