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The Raven Commission (OOC)

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Activating the "Tools of the Trade" Gadget, primarily for the Rookery uplink. This flows into some of my checks.


Computers (substituting for Gather Information via Online Research): 22. Hm. I'll let that stand for now. This is to try and get additional info on this Agent, and anyone he might be connected with or reporting to.

Investigate: 22. Okay that's weird. This is basically to try and sniff out possible rumors or whatnot online/"out there". 

Computers: 25. This is to try and find any Dark Web sites or file shares that may be linked to Government Acronyms trying to gather information on super-types. Like names and strengths/weaknesses.

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Over the next week or so, as your investigations proceed. 



Frank Johnson is indeed a boring Secret Service agent, by all accounts a man who has spent his life steadily working away at the difficult but important job of making sure his nation's currency isn't corrupted by inflation. You did find one interesting piece of information; he has recently gone through an unpleasant divorce and moved out of his family home to a small bachelor apartment in Baltimore. The records of the divorce are sealed but there were accusations of infidelity; and he did not keep custody of their kids. 


Investigation helps crack open the details of the divorce - he went through a significant personality shift at some point about six months ago, becoming emotionally abusive as well as unfaithful, frightening mood swings and laughter that made his wife genuinely frightened for him (from the testimony you're able to see). But he passed all his agency tests with flying colors, so it was put down as a mid-life crisis. 


Raven III: 

You get  much, though not all, of what Geckoman has above. Specifically to what you've found, Frank Johnson has been accessing government records about superheroes to the extreme limit of his security clearance. This interest is relatively new, however, it happened about the time he went through what was by all accounts a messy divorce about six months ago. He's also become much more highly rated at his job in the last six months, evidently he's been living for his work since the divorce. 

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