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That's a miss!


And Star Hunter is up. Coming in fast, so, still his move action. Shooting a blast at Aurora in return: 1d20+12 = 23

That's a hit. Toughness DC27

Star Hunter is now close.


Pan returns the favor. Moves closer, uses Forever Blade with Stunning Attack feat and Accurate Attack maneuver for 1d20+8= 18

And that's a miss too!


29 - Aurora - 0HP - Bruised, Dazed

18 - Star Hunter - Unharmed

10 - Forever Boy - 4HP - Unharmed

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lets see if I remember how a Toughness roll is done!


with a Toughness rating of 8, i assume i get a +8






um, question, do i still have a hero point? i thought i spent it on a stunt last fight. i might want to reroll this but iunno if i can.

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You probably triggered at least one of your complications at some point, so let's assume you do!


Remember that for rerolling toughness save, you add 10 if your dice roll is less than 11

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