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October 31st, 2018, 6.45PM

University Hill, Emerald City, Oregon, USA


The Halloween party had barely started, and it was already over.


All around a young woman streamed university students, faculty, and staff of the God House, flavor of the year for Emerald City University's trend-chasing contingent.


Screaming in inhuman fury, something in a horse-headed suit of armor kicked over a lovely gilded reproduction of some Madonna, trampling and smashing its way through altar tables, shrines of menus and wall-fountains as it swung now-bloodied fists, gnarled and bigger around than the young woman's head.


Its wails and howls were nearly drowned out by the shouts, directions, shrieks and crying of its prey, the terrified Munchkins only barely keeping the presence of mind to avoid trampling each other thanks to regular earthquake and volcano drills had since kindergarten. 


The horse head turned to the woman, seeing in her the only meaningful challenge to be found, and charged.

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Robin had been more excited than she had been in a long time. Finally, after so much work, she had completed the Justice Driver. Well, at least an early version of it. She still had plenty of ideas for future improvements. But, point being, it was ready. She could use her phone to activate it and bring out her costume, and it made her considerably tougher when worn. The physics of it all was a bit difficult to explain to anyone not as into physics as her, but hey, it worked. She'd worn the belt and even brought her Justice Buster gun to the Halloween party, but had stopped herself from actually using them. There'd be too many questions about how she'd known to dress up in that costume when she'd start her super hero'ing. She'd have to figure out the perfect way to make her debut, after all! 


So, Robin had gone to the Halloween party at University Hill in an Emerald Spider costume instead! She had agreed to help out at the university, and the kids loved the costume, so everything was going great. She knew she shouldn't have brought the Justice Buster, but hey, no one had figured out it was her yet anyway, and she was just too excited.


And then everything went tumbling down and everyone screamed and started running away. She could see it, a great suit of armor with a horse for a head, screaming and smashing things. Someone taking Halloween way too seriously, or something worse? Probably the second thing. Everyone was running from it, and to be honest, Robin felt like running too. This was not what she had planned for her debut, but the thing was dangerous. And there were children there. Grabbing her Justice Buster from her belt, she quickly ran towards the scene... and wow, that thing was really big. She brought out her phone and started entering the secret combination while the thing noticed her, and started charging. 


Great. Time for the big debut. The last digit, and the message was sent to the Justice Driver. It said a single word in a monotone voice: "HENSHIN!" and then, in the blink of an eye, the Emerald Spider costume was covered by an entirely different one. Red and gold shined in the lights around them as she took aim with one hand. She was terrified, and yet, she smiled under the mask as she pocketed her phone. She couldn't help it. It was time for justice.


"Hey, leave the kids alone Horseface!"

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At the sharp boom of the Justice Buster, the beast-headed armor jerked to a halt. It froze, staring down at the smouldering patch on the breastplate where the weapon's concussive force had activated some chemical reaction in the metal.


The smoke cleared to reveal nary a smudge, 




The horse head lifted, eyes burning somewhere deep within as they fixed on the brilliant red of Justice's costume.




With horrible speed the creature whirled, seized a statue of the Laughing Buddha in both massive, twisted hands, raised it over their head and flung it, end over end, through the air right for the young heroine!


It landed with a hollow, booming thud several feet short of her.


An incoherent howl broke from the horse-headed beast, before they broke into run once again clearly aimed right for the person who had just shot at them! Lattice collapsed, stone shattering and the whole paraphernalia of faith bursting asunder!





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Aw, this was not good. The best she had, a shot that had connected cleanly with the thing, and it hadn't even hurt it. And then it lifted the Laughing Buddha statue above its head. "Are you kidding me!?" She'd be flattened if that thing hit. And then the giant horse headed creature actually threw the thing, and it sailed through the air towards her. Robin readied herself, about to move out of the way, and then stopped. No way that thing had put enough force behind the giant Buddha, and sure enough, it landed it front of her. "HA!" She couldn't help herself. She shouldn't taunt, but that was too good to resist.


Stepping forward, one foot on the Laughing Buddha, Robin called out to the creature. "Hey Fluttershy, you're supposed to stop when I shoot you!" Both hands on the Justice Buster, she took aim. "Haven't you heard? Its time for Justice!" Trigger pressed, shot taken, another burst of kinetic energy flies towards the creature., the recoil causing the gun to fly up, though still grasped firmly in her hands. Hoping that the fallen Laughing Buddha might at least slow down the crazy thing, Robin threw herself back and to the side.

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Bullseye! Or, maybe horseseye? Was that a thing you said? Probably not? Anyway, the Justice Buster had actually worked! The bad guy was pausing after the shot! Awesome! 


Quickly getting to her feet again, Robin stood up straight and took hold around the handle of the oversized gun with both hands. She had a moment. Take the proper time, take aim. This was just a big, crazy monster. What was the worst that could happen? "And time for some more justice!" she proudly proclaimed, squeezing the trigger to send another kinetic blast at horseface. 

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