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Ice to Meet You

Brown Dynamite

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Club Ice
The Fens, Freedom City, New Jersey

Friday, November 9th, 2018
12:05 AM


The street the club was on was much better lit than most of the Fens, although not quite as brightly as the streets toward the heart of the Theater District.  Open three nights out of the week Club Night shone with an effulgent blue glow tonight as it hosted its latest musical act, Monster Blast.  The nightclub was in an old three-story building, refurbished to look newer and trendier.  It was hard to tell how much of the upper floors were for the club, or for offices and storage not only from the outside.  But, at the very least the first floor was an ice bar and lounge.  Visitors in the club donned custom-designed insulated capes and gloves to keep warm while exploring the venue’s dramatic interiors. The space was designed with artistic carvings and features an elaborately carved bar, chandelier, sculptures, lounge seating and paintings, all made of ice.  In the center of it all was a circular crystal clear stage in which full view of Monster Blast could be seen.  

Although people could be seen occasionally heading to the second floor there wasn't a clear view of what went on there.  Rumors have always swelled that Club Ice was own by the mob.  Which wasn't a rare bet with its location.  But, the audience in attendance were clearly local twenty somethings just looking to catch an underground concert.

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Serena was always good with the gigs. Sure The Fens was a beat up area of town, but as long as they were playing, Tanya didn't care. She would play for anyone who'd listen. The extra cash didn't hurt. The cold however. While she wasn't a weenie about it, cold was not her thing. Her solo shred was coming up. Serena could wail like some kind of angelic banshee. "Three, two, one, and," she counted to herself. It was her turn. Brandon and Jack supported where needed, but her guitar wailed.


The criminal element was unknown to her, but she kind of expected it in Freedom, no less this area called The Fens. Her being a hero, she was ready for whatever form it took. Except now. Any crook dumb enough to interrupt her.

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