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Green Machine OOC


Going to be needing this.


The crude map below gives a rough idea of the environment.


The brown circles are all floating islands on roughly the same altitude.  Blue circles are lower, green circles are higher.  The letters on the large circle are our PCs.  The small orange triangles are the four flags.


The red lines connecting the islands are the chains.  The two red lines leading to the top of the map head towards the cave in one of the canyon walls.  The black line in the lower left hand corner is for scale and equals 100'

DoomRoom 1.png

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Okay, Veronica is going to start across one of the chains, trying to move at full speed (so +5 DC for the balance check).  She gets a 30 on her acrobatics check, so is just fine and makes it a little over halfway across the chain toward the island to the right.

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Ouroboros will set his VP cantrip pool to Flight 5 (Sirrions Soaring Saucer; Flaws: Platform) 5PP  Which I think has plenty of movement to get him there in an action.~2500'/round.

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