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Bedlam Heck Night

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Single Pale hero seeks 1-2 companions for bashing some heads and tracking down some baddies.  Not necessarily in that order.


I'm going to be running a Bedlam thread for Grumbfloof and have room for 1-2 more nocturnal types.  PL 8-9 preferably and we want to keep it going at a reasonable pace so able to post roughly once a day, if you lag too much we'll move forward whilst navel contemplation continues in the corner.


Will be a little beat-em up and a little investigation into deeper troubles (Then probably ALOT of beatem up)  Lemme know if interested.

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I'll toss in Judex as well. He does tend to only go out at night! Or dusk. Or if there's big trouble. 

(He probably goes out more than he should, is what I'm saying.)

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*reads about Judex*


Oh hey, it's like someone took the complications and drawbacks from my guy, and expanded them to fill their own character sheet! XD

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