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What's Good, Satan? (IC)


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September 12th, 6.05PM

Freedom City, Actually, I'm not sure where, one of the alleys by the E-Sea Bank? Kind of a blur, frankly


"Boss won't forget this, mask!" The words were seriously meant, but the contempt was undercut by the fact that the man in the suit saying them was, himself, wearing a balaclava.


His business partners were too busy recovering from sudden, repeated blunt force happening to them to do much but glare. the merchandise were already out of the truck, blinking uncertainly and huddled in a knot. Two of the kids had swiped a cell phone from one of their captors. It was hard to feel strongly about stealing right then. If you'd asked John where they were likely from, he might have guessed Angola. Why and how they had shown up in the truck was something that would be figured out once he'd reasoned with the businessmen. 


"You're wasting your time, mask!" The man was perking up now "My people will have me free in a month!"


"Not if you tell him you have people," pointed out one of the quieter, wiser souls lying face-first on the rain-slick asphalt, "way to prejudice the judge against your counsel, man."

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Nothing but a soft whirring of his power source gave away that Black Mamba was more than a black and gold statue as the man babbled about his boss and his people, it was just as Akhona and himself had feared this was more organized than they had thought. Moving slowly he made his way over to the kids with the phone and held out his hand,"Can I borrow that a moment please?"


He frowned and looked at the phone, invisible in his armor as he sent a message to Akhona through the link.


"Akhona, I need you to hack this phone. Get any information you can and trace the numbers. One of them has to got to be the ostensible boss and if you can hack it so the kids can use it afterwards. Also, call the police and get them down here to pick up the kids."


He waited to hear confirmation that Akhona had connected to the phone she could see through his optical input and then handed it back to the kids,"Just looking for some information from the phone but you can have it know."  With that he moved over to the balclava man and knelt down, pulling the balaclava off of his head so he could send a picture to Akhona for her to add to their files,"Alright, mouthy, you want to tell me what's going on here or do I need to 'squeeze' you a little?"


Even as he said squeeze silver mechanical snakes slithered from the holes that opened in his gauntlet, slowly wrapping themselves around the prone man. The poor guy had already seen Black Mamba use this to squeeze one his buddys before he had thrown him into the truck to knock him out,"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice?"

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