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Tiffany Korta

Savanna Stories: Flee you fools!

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You won't be able to see who just yet, I'm saving that for the reveal :D , but you will be able to make out roughly where whatever broke out of the container is heading.

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White Lioness is going to try and trick Terror Bird into doing something stupid!, using Acrobatic Bluff for a total of 30!, his Will save is Will Save: 1d20+7 12, nowhere even close!


He'll focus his attack for this round on White Lioness Attack Roll: 1d20+10 18, close but no banana.


Now all that Terror Bird needs is a gentle push into the water...

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Not sure if any rolls are required here but Gauss will use her next action to scoop up metal bits and try and use her move object to push the bird into the water.



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