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[OOC] What Lurks Beneath the Fens

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And the IC thread is up.


I'll leave it to you two how and why you're in the Fens investigating, but trust that the two of you are close by to one another.

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Copying the Scarabs skills!


10 PP = 40 Ranks


Computers 12 (+15)

Dusable Device 13 (+16)

Knowledge (Business) 13 (+16)

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Mind Reading the man, surface thoughts


As its effortless and insidious and subtle, just going to keep going until he makes the opposed check or the man throws him out so Ill leave that to your discretion and feel free to make some rolls for Echo head on my behalf :D

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Could I get a Diplomacy roll from you, Supercape? Also, I'll make sure to write in his thoughts soon - 'cause I totally missed that post. xD

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