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Okay. Make a Dex+Str 1d20 roll, Cape, and Black Diamond will attempt to surprass it.

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DC14 Dexterity check: 6. Strike one!


Will post in a second, please make another.

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DC17 Dexterity check: 9.


Also, Initiative check please.


Disgruntled Baseball Player in a Robot Suit, Randall Calder's Initiative: 3.


Black Diamond, Noga Itachi's Initiative: 19.


After Curveball's Initiative roll, Randall gets a surprise round.

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Randall's surprise round: attacking Curveball with a flash grenade 19.


Reflex save DC18 to avoid the Dazzle effect.


Then round 1:


Black Diamond: Unharmed-GM

Curveball: Unharmed, 2HP

Randall Calder: Unharmed-GM


Black Diamond Moves to put themselves between Curveball and other attacks, uses Free Action to ready an Interpose, Standard Action to form a diamond baseball and try to crack it at Randall: 16. Miss.


Curveball's turn.

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