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So apologies let the rounds slip!


I am however going to push Arrowhawk from 0HP to 1 HP simply because carrying on this roughed up is worthy heroics. 


Round 5

18 - Metal Head, Bruised, Injured

17 - Arrowhawk, Bruised x5, Injured x5, 1 Hp

Others - 2 Rounds of movement away. 


So Metal Head, sensing victory, will shift an accurate strike: Accurate Stab: 1d20+13 22 which he didnt need, but it does mean the resultant toughness save is a mere DC 19. 


For his move action he will back off again, 20' away. 




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DC19 Toughness save: 1d20+3 15 She's up to 6 injuries, but our girl's still going.


She's going to just straight-up Charge this dude and All-Out Attack for 2, and Power Attack for 2. That's a net -4 Defence, +2 Attack, and +2 DC when she uses the Strike on Orheidr. That's Defence 18, Attack +12, DC25. I choose to invoke the holy Sara Lance for this roll: 1d20+12 24 Suck on that, buddy.

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That will indeed hit: 


Tough Save: 1d20+6 16 Which is actually 15 as already bruised and injured. So that makes him staggered, bruised x2, dazed...


Plus, knockback: the distance is technically 7, but he is just going to collide with a building lets say thirty feet away, and take another DC 22 Tough Save


Tough Save vs Knockback: 1d20+4 17 picking up another Bruise


Round 6

18 - Metal Head, Bruised x3, Injured, Staggered, Dazed this round. 

17 - Arrowhawk, Bruised x6, Injured x6, 1 Hp

Others - 4 Rounds of movement away. 



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Tough Save vs Arrowhawk: 1d20+3 11 That, I believe, is enough to knock him out as he is staggered already. 


The other guys are 5 rounds away! For reference, 


Arrowhawk - 1 HP, Injured x6, Bruised x6

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Initiative: 1d20+1 11 Arrowhawk wins!


For pure ease I am going to lump the Nose and the Hunters together. 


15 - Arrowhawk - Bruised x6, Injured x6, 1 HP

11 - Hunters [4] - Unharmed

11 - The Nose - Unharmed

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Osla is just going to beat the hell out of as many of them with her fists as she can. Extended Reach Strike 2, taking 10, and not using trade-offs is 20 to hit, and DC23 Toughness rolls.


Move action, get up onto the top of the pick-up cab.

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They actually cant make that, so punch/kick/whatever their lights out!


Could you make a DC 10 Dex to climb up the truck? Fail by 5 or more and its a fall, other than that you get half way a bit jostled about. 

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Drive Roll for emergency stop DC 15

Drive Check: 1d20+5 13 not enough to keep on four wheels, but not going into a full roll either. 


The truck tips onto its side, and slides to a stop. This enough for a Damage 0 effect on the three passengers:


Tough save vs sliding car: 3#1d20 12 11 7


Applying toughness bonuses to the hunter, the nose, the hunter this is 14, 11, and 9. 


Hunter 1, Bruised

The Nose, Bruised

Hunter 2, Bruised and Dazed. 


The situation is of course considerably more serious for Arrowhawk!


DC 20 Reflex Save to stay unharmed, clinging on to the car. 

DC 15 to get thrown off relatively safely when the car tips over at low speed (Damage 4 Effect) and ten feet from vehicle. 

Otherwise, get thrown off at high speed, Damage 8 effect, and land a few dozen feet from vehicle. 


You can make an acrobatics roll DC 15 to half that damage. 



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You can however make an attack on the Nose without taking 10. He is not a minion, but the others will go down automatically, and you can still follow up with a takedown attack on a non minion. 

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Knowledge: Behavious Sciences to pick up Steve is mentally ill DC 15. (Higher DC for what types / info but no skill!)

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