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Poor Target


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Arrow Hawk 4 HP


For standing in an awful situation.


Notice Roll Please


Streetwise Roll Please


DC 15


Shotgun Steve has been rumoured to haunt the night around this area for a few months. Most say he is a drug fulled paranoid, but he does have a reputation for being handy with a shotgun, and good at driving off muggers and thugs with it...

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Ok so as we have sort of moved into combat...



Rich Hunters: INitiative: 1d20+1 9

Dogs: Initiative: 1d20+2 18

Sniper: Initiative: 1d20+5 15


Snipers Tough Save: Tough Save vs Arrow: 1d20+7 21 made


For my reference

Str 15 Dex 15 Con 15 Int 2 Wis 12 Cha 6
Skills: Notice 4 (+5), Survival 0 (+1), Swim 2 (+4)
Powers: Super-Senses 3 (scent, track, ultra-hearing)
Combat: Attack +3, Damage +2 (unarmed), Defense +3, Initiative +2

Saving Throws: Toughness +2, Fortitude +5, Reflex +5, Will +1


Round 1:

28 Arrow 4 HP Unharmed

18 Dogs [3] Unharmed

15 Sniper Unharmed

9 Hunters [3] Unharmed


The Dogs will run at Arrowhawk - fast as they are, they will end up 25' from her. 

The Sniper will fire at Arrowhawk with a silenced Sniper Rifle: Fires at Arrowhawk: 1d20+10 24 which I think hits, and its a DC 21 Toughness save. 

For his move action, he will take full cover. 


The Dogs will move, ending up 25' near Arrowhawk. 


The hunters, in the pick up will drive up just behind the dogs. The two in the pick up will take an aim action (increasing attack by +2 next round) and speak!


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Save vs DC21 Blast: 1d20+8 26 Use bigger bullets, dude.


For her Standard Action: Arrowhawk will use a thunderbolt arrow, aiming it just behind the dogs, between them and the pick-up. It goes off with a 30' radius, DC16 Reflex save to avoid the Area and another DC16 Reflex to avoid being blinded and deafened. 


She doesn't need a move action.

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Lazy stuff reflex rolls: 6#1d20 13 5 19 19 17 18 for the three dogs and three hunters, although giving the last hunter (driving) a +2 bonus on reflex for being inside the car. 


So, with DC 16, and +5 Reflex for Dogs and +2 for Drivers, that makes:

Area: Save, Fail, Save....Save, Save, Save


More lazy reflex rolls: 6#1d20 11 14 15 5 15 19


And for dazzles (DC 13 or 16) that makes

Dazzle: Save, Save, Save, Fail, Save, Save. 


A magnificently effective one hunter dazzled (and to keep it simple, I am removing him from combat)




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To finish off the round:


The Sniper will take another pot shot: Pot shot at Arrow: 1d20+10 24 hitting (another ballistic DC 21 Tough save)


The Dogs will come in screaming and rending:

Attack Arrow: 3#1d20+3 12 5 21, one hit (DC 17 Bite Toughness Save)


The Driver will reverse: Ill give him a DC 10 Skill Roll to avoid crashing: Drives: 1d20+5 11 Just making it, and putting them fifty feet down the street on a bigger road. 


And at the same time one of the Hunters will fire a crossbow bolt - now at -4 due to firing into melee, but at +2 with Aim action

Crossbow Bolt: 1d20+1 10 Missing!


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OK, I can be lazy too! Gunshot and bite: 2#1d20+8 13 24 

Well, the bullet hurt. At least she gets Second Chance though...

Re-roll from Second Chance: 1d20+8 16


Ouch. OK, so Arrowhawk has failed her save by 5 and is bruised, injured and dazed. Even with the -1 this doesn't have her fail versus the bite, so small mercies.


Her action!


She spends a HP to clear the daze off her, and this brings her down to 3 Hero Points.


Standard Action: Smack a load of dogs in the face. Taking ten to hit, she gets 20s to hit with Takedown Attack, and DC 23 Damage rolls with her longbow Strike.


Move Action: Leap up onto the rooftop.


Free Action: Turn on her Concealment, which is Blending and Passive so it'll only help her until she moves again.


Final tally: 3 HP, bruised x1, injured x1

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Reactior Shot against AH: 1d20+10 12 A miss!


And the bow shaft attack hits. Tough Save: 1d20+7 24 :(


This is turning into a no-back down type of situation!


However, he is now backed into a corner and as its equipment he is using, giving it the usual penalties of blah blah - in other words, you cant really effectively use a sniper rifle this close. 


So out comes his knife, as a move action, and its stab  time. 


Stab Time: 1d20+5 13 a miss!


So Arrowhawk is up


ROund 4 (ish)

28 Arrowhawk - Injured x2, Bruised x2, 3 HP

15 Sniper - Unharmed





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