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Just Dance 2018 [IC]

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26 February, 2018. 815 PM. In front of Beaudrie Opera House.


Ray and Rachael Trask, better known as Rant and Rave to the Freedom City superhero community, had not been seen for years. In fact, some whispered that they had met their fate by messing with the wrong type of 'hero'. Others say they buggered off to Oregon to mess with Emerald City or join a cult or whatever the clickbait sites could make you click on. But here they were. In Freedom, still looking young as their first heist. What were the two up to? Well, unlike their old days, which mainly involved knocking off banks and selling whatever could get them money, they seemingly had transitioned to wanton destruction.


The Trask siblings were seeing how many 'points they could score by tearing down the scenery. Holding each other's hand, they blasted everything, followed by a yell of how many points it got them. The people in the direct vicinity were terrified.

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Corinne was a lot of things, coward was probably one of them.  She was a dancer, she saw herself as a dancer, and fully intended to become one professionally, and not do this hero schtick.  Unfortunately, just when she thought she could avoid it, it kept dragging her back in.  There was something that helped though.  That was the fact that reaching into her power let her sort of not be the one at the helm.  Which was not true.  But there it was.

Zenith was not like Corinne in that way.  If Corinne had f***s to give, then Zenith was operating at a deficit.  Which worked better, because while she was the id of Corinne unchained, she also was able do more with that power.  Not that her fine control was necessarily great, but with her, she didn't need to be.  Especially when the whole 'reality' thing started to get bendy.  Like now.


The simplest prospect was prevent them from hitting people, so a dome was the easiest solution.  As she spread her arms, and the air around them warped, as the distorting shimmering effect surrounded the twins a moment before it solidified into something harder than concrete, though of a more dawn colored glass sort of thing.

With that, Zenith had arrived.  Standing barefoot in the air, her hair a swirl of flamed, as her distorting shield swirled and moved around her body.  "I am having a bad day.  It looks like you two morons are volunteering as punching bags."

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Jessica was there in that moment because she'd been offered dance lessons from a friend at a club. She was expecting some seedy place, but no, it was a legit dance studio. Not a high priced one like some of the richer people could afford, but then again, she was getting them for free. There was always a catch. They'd meet at 10PM. Beggars couldn't be choosers. And the girl seemed alright, even if she was a one night dancer.


But that was before the destruction started. Two kids straight from the late 90s rave scene just started blowing things up. Straight down Broadway. Panic, disorder, mass chaos. Luckily it was early. Not that she wouldn't do it, but it wouldn't be a thing to teach these punks a lesson. Luckily someone else was here. She caged the two blasters up. Floating over to the square, she grinned looking inside, "well, there goes all your points." She looked up to Zenith, equally greeting her, "my my, you got this handled, don't you?"

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Rant and Rave were not amused by the heroes entrance.The bubble just fell on top of them and the red lady mocked them. "Hey," Rant's loud harsh voice echoed in the bubble, "we didn't come all this way to get trapped by no alien or demon or whatever you two are!" He looked to Rave, "plug yer ears, baby girl." Rave did so and Rant let out the loudest shout he could, shattering the bubble.


Rave smiled, almost wordlessly she looked at the two heroes. "Bye," was the only word Zenith and Jessica heard before things got weird. Everything turned black and when the lights returned, Everyone looked like Rant and Rave. It was some kind of dance party. Which looked really weird with no music!

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Zenith tilted her head to the side, shaking it a little bit, before she made a noise, and then dropped her hands down towards her side.  The distortion around them growing, as she just dropped her power down.  She wasn't going to bother sorting, or figuring out who was who, she segmented the whole of area, even walling up her and this person she didn't recognize.  "You imagine that somehow I think you idiots have a chance," Zenith did not, in point of fact, play games.  As other people had seen.  She contained, and then she would wreck them. 

And whatsherface was getting roped into potential baddie, considering Zenith was hallucinating worse than trust someone you ought not to at Coachella.

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