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Round One


16 Lawrence (unharmed, fatigued)

13 Not!Megan #2 (unharmed)

13 Not!Robert #2 (unharmed)

12 Not!Megan #3 (unharmed)

12 Not!Robert #3 (unharmed)

9 SFX (unharmed, 3 HP)

8 Rev (unharmed, 4 HP)

7 Station Peacekeepers (2 minions)

5 Not!Megan #1 (unharmed)

5 Not!Robert #1 (unharmed)


Okay, so once again Lawrence will provide Improved Initiative 2; Speed 4 and Quickness 4 to SFX and Rev  That will bump both up to 16 initiative (would actually be 17 for SFX, but because she is getting jumped ahead starting on 16, we will go with that number).


So, either SFX or Rev can go (technically should be Rev, as she has the higher initiative bonus (and Dex). 

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Man, so many rolls to make.

Lawrence saves vs the AoE, making it with a 23, he has Evasion, so that is all he needs to roll.


Not!Megan #1: misses roll vs AoE, but still makes roll vs Dazzle.


Not!Megan #2: makes save vs AoE, so only needs to beat a 14 for the Dazzle, but still misses that save.


Not!Megan #3: misses first save; but makes second save.


Not!Megan #4: makes AoE save; makes reduced dazzle save.


Not!Robert #1: misses first, but still makes dazzle save.


Not!Robert #2: makes first save, and makes makes dazzle save.


Not!Robert #3: makes first save; and makes second.


Not!Robert #4: makes first save; and just makes second.


Station Peacekeepers: 19 and 9, so one makes the first save, one does not.  But both miss the save vs the dazzle effect.


Not going to roll for all the bystanders, some might have avoided, but most did not.

Need two reflex saves for SFX Blaze, first is DC 18.  If she makes that, the second is DC 14, if not the second is DC 18 as well.

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So that means SFX is up and Blind.


Fortitude Save: 1d20+8=28 - Regains sight next round


Free Action: Switch Create Array to Senses (so she can see mentally)

Free Action: Stunt the Device to change Confuse 10 (Burst) to Confuse 10 (Burst, Selective Attack, Action [Full])

Move Action: N/A

Standard Action: Confuse 10 Burst, selective on anyone not named Rev or Lawrence or is not aggressively advancing on us  DC20


-1 HP for the Stunt.

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While we wait for the IC post,


NM#2 will fire at where she recalled Rev to be but misses.


NR#2 will fire at Rev as well, he hits, so DC 20 Will save for Rev.


NM#3 will fire at SFX (who thankfully has her full defense thanks to activating her spatial awareness), Power Attacking (-2 atk/+2 dam) and misses.


NR#3 will also fire at SFX and power attack as well, he hits, DC 22 Will save for SFX.


The two station police are not going to start shooting blindly, but they are doing other things that do not require rolls.


NM#1 will turn around and shoot at the peacekeeper that calls for backup, power attacking and taking 10 to hit.  He has to make a DC 22 Will save and badly fails and is paralyzed.


NR#1 will fire at Rev, also hitting so another DC 20 Will save for Rev.

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Round Two


16 Lawrence (unharmed, fatigued)

16 Rev (unharmed, 4 HP, paralyzed (2d round))

16 SFX (unharmed, 1 HP, dazzled recovered this round))

13 Not!Megan #2 (unharmed, dazzled (2d round))

13 Not!Robert #2 (unharmed)

12 Not!Megan #3 (unharmed)

12 Not!Robert #3 (unharmed)

7 Station Peacekeepers (2 minions; both dazzled (2d round), one paralyzed (2d round))

5 Not!Megan #1 (unharmed)

5 Not!Robert #1 (unharmed)


Okay, back to Rev, she becomes unparalyzed per your roll, so she is up.

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