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Pitch PL 11

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Power Level: 11 (250/250)
Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: -1 Attack / +1 DC, -1 Defence / +1 Tough

In Brief: Infernal Biker with a Demon in her belly.

Catchphrase: “Fire me up!”



Alternate Identity: Carmen Cantos (Secret)
Birthplace: Mexico City

Residence: Freedom City
Base of Operations: Freedom City
Occupation: Journalist, Rock Report Magazine
Affiliations: Blacksmoker Motorcycle Club
Family: None (Known)


Age: 31 (6/6/86)
Apparent Age: 25
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 55Kgs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dirty Blonde (Dyed)


Carmen looks like a slightly scruffy but sexy rock musician / biker. She is good looking, and has curves in the right places. She wears a variety of clothes but tends to favour rock styled ones, such as leather trousers, buckled belt, etc. She almost always wears clothes that some part of her spinal tattoo (that reaches from the base of her neck to the sacrum) is visible. One particular piece of clothing she almost always wears is boots of some sort, so that she can wear a titanium brace around her right foot (easing her mobility problems). She walks with a quite visible limp because of this.


When she commands the demon living inside her, Tazel to “fire her up”, her body becomes wrapped in smoke and wisps of flame. Her eyes glow a fiery red, and there is a furnace bubbling away down her mouth. Her clothes will change, become studded, leathery, black and red. The combined effect is enough to conceal her appearance (and thus identity).


Carmen’s story starts with her father, Carlos Canto. He was a skilled sorcerer in a biker gang (The Blacksmokers), not renowned for being a good guy, nor a particularly bad one. He did, however, possess an uncanny knack for black magic: in particular, dealing with demons. His luck and cunning held out for many years, as he rode with his gang, gaining fame and notoriety, and a long list of crimes including (at its height) armed bank robbery.


His luck would not hold forever, and ran out when he fell in love and had a child. At this point, the infernal creatures he had bound and tormented took their revenge through his family. They propelled the Feds into busting him in a messy fire-fight. Carlos knew his time was up, but he wasn’t going to let his newborn daughter suffer for his sins. As the guns blazed, he took his baby daughter and tattooed his most powerful signs down her spine.


This hasty and reckless action damaged his daughter, leaving her disabled, but protected. No demon could touch her. The creatures he had bound took him and his wife, but could not lay a hand in revenge against his babe.


Carmen grew up an orphan, and not in the best of company. She was fostered, and didn’t have a bad life, but struggled with it. She fell in with bad boys, and bad crowds, and given the fame of her father it was not long before she was hanging out with bikers, rock stars, and tattoo artists.


When she became a rock music journalist, she started to peel back the history of her father. She eventually found an old haunt of his just outside San Antonia. There, she found a dusty shack lived an old biker friend of her father, Axel ˜Grease” Robinson, who showed her Carlos’ leather bound diary and his fabled devil stick. Tough as his biker friends were, nobody had dared to read the diary or take up his stick.


(Un)fortunately, as she read his diary, she unleashed Tazel, the fiery spirit that Carlos had bound many years ago, and who was now bound to her. Carmen bound him tightly indeed, by swallowing him whole!


Through her fathers’ Diary Carmen learned black magic. It came, if anything, easier for her. No demon could harm her, and she could delve deeply into the anger and resentment that had built up in her to summon the “infernal forge”, the ways of hammer, steel, smoke and fire.


Personality & Motivation:
Carmen is a wild child, and has an inability to settle. She is quite “passionat”, in good and bad ways, able to love and hate quickly. She has an anarchic streak and has broken the law on numerous occasions with petty offences.


So why be a hero? Carmen, although driven to free her father, is deeply angry at him. His legacy is a disability from her spinal tattoos, an undesirable upbringing, her mother’s death, and a whole heap of legacy problems with demons. She wants to be everything her father was not. She wants to be a hero.


Powers & Tactics:
Tazel, the demon residing in her belly can be expelled and commanded, but usually is used to fire up Pitch, giving her exceptional strength and resilience.


She will use this power in conjunction with her own sorcery, commanding fire, steel and smoke, usually in a blistering full on attack.


Pitch has no particular martial art expertise but is what might be called an experienced brawler. She is also a reasonably skilled writer and reporter, and will often try to work out what is going on via subterfuge.


Pitch drives a customised bike that is pumped full of infernal oil. It can become smoky, concealing its appearance (which she activates when she drives a pitch), and is faster than most normal bikes, as well as being able to drive up walls and even through the air.


As Carmen, she often keeps a set of kunckledusters in her jacket, as befits her biker girl image. On her bike, she has a length of chain concealed in the body of the bike, that she will use when Pitch.


Power Descriptions:
Commanding the infernal forge dimension via her black magic, Pitch’s powers are all about smoke, fire, and metal, often in combination. For instance, she hurls smouldering blackened shards of metal or chains at her opponents.


Pitch can “Forge walk”, moving from one hot metal to another (as all hot metals have some connection to the infernal forge). She will appear to get sucked into one piece of metal (an engine is a good example), in a flurry of oily smoke, and then pop out in a cough of smoke at the other one.


Twisted Tounges: Tazel, her pet demon, whilst technically fanatical (and who must obey her) actually hates her and would do anything to get her into trouble. He is bound to tell the truth, but of course he may tell it selectively or get her into all sorts of trouble by doing so, using deceit and manipulation. Given he is the source of her comprehend power, that would be one way of doing so (giving interpretations that are correct but misleading).


Note: Tazel can be played by the GM as a totally malign and deceptive entity. He is, after all, a demon. As he mechanically is bound to obey Pitch he is built as a sidekick. He is somewhat mysterious and mercurial, meaning different GMs may take a different angle on him. 


Disability: Carmen walks with a noticeable limp. This makes things like acrobatics and so on very hard or impossible for her, and she cannot run far. She would not be able to operate normal vehicles. Should she be without a cane or her callipers for her right lower leg, she would be very unsteady, unable to run.


Rolling Stone: Whilst she generally has a reasonable amount of money from her work, she has no permanent abode, and her resources and money do fluctuate.


No Exorcisms Please: Tazelher bound demon (who normally lives in her belly) cannot abide holy grounds, or religious artefacts placed on Carmen. In such cases, he will be forcibly ejected from her.


Plume of Smoke: Aside from the normal visibility of powers, the smoke and flames from her powers could lead her to be particularly noticeable, such as spotting a plume of smoke outdoors from miles away, or the fire making her noticeable in the darkness.


Burnt Out: If Tazel is ejected and somehow cannot make a beeline back to Carmen's mouth (which he could do at very high speed, more than his regular flight) - for instance, if he was unconscious, or mind controlled, or there was some magical or energy barrier blocking or ensnaring him, she cannot deactivate the summon. Essentially deactivating the summon to change the array to the "Tazel within" alternate power means she must reingest him.


Greased: Pitch’s “Headquarters” are not really hers, but her friend Axel “Grease” Robinson’s. It’s a working garage, and clubhouse of the Blacksmokers MC (Motorcycle club), or at least, what little remains of them. Whilst Pitch has technically bought an HQ and minions, and is on good terms with the Blacksmokers (hanging out with them), there agenda’s could clash.

Abilities: 2 + 4 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 24

Strength 12/24 (+1/+7) With Rage, up to 30 (+10)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 14/24 (+1/+7)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 18 (+4)

Combat: 20 + 20 = 40
Initiative: +6
Attack: +10
Defense: +10, +5 Flat Footed

Grapple: +11/+17 (Additional +3 with Rage active)
Knockback: -6

Saving Throws: 5 + 5 + 10
Toughness: +7/+12
Fortitude: +7/+12 (+2/+7 Con, +5)
Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5)
Will: +12 (+2 Wis, +10)

Skills: 88 Ranks = 22 PP
Bluff 8 (+12)

Concentration 8 (+10)

Craft (Artistic) 4 (+5)

Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+5)

Diplomacy 4 (+8)

Drive 4 (+6)

Gather Information 6 (+10)

Intimidate 8 (+12)

Knowledge (Arcane) 4 (+5)

Knowledge (Pop Culture) 9 (+10)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+5)

Language 1 (English [Native], Spanish)

Notice 4 (+6)

Perform [Singing] 2 (+6)

Perform [Stringed Instruments] 2 (+6)

Profession [Writer] 8 (+10)

Sense Motive 8 (+10)

Feats: 25 PP

All-Out Attack


Critical Strike

Equipment 8

Favoured Opponent (Infernal)

Improved Initiative 1

Jack of All Trades

Minions 5, Progression [5 minions] 2

Power Attack

Rage 2, Increased Duration [10 Rounds] 1

Equipment: 8 PP = 40 EP

Multi Tool [1 EP]

Camera [0 EP]

Brass Knuckles (Strike 1, Mighty) [2 EP]

Chain (Strike 2, Mighty, Extended Reach 1 [10’], Improved Trip, Improved Disarm) [6 EP]

Headquarters: “Greased Gears” Chop Shop [9 EP]

Size: Medium [1], Toughness 10 [1], Features: Fire Prevention System, Garage, Gym, Living Space, Security System 2 [DC 25], Workshop [7 EP]

Vehicle: “Infernally powered Motorcycle” 22 EP

STR 25 [3 EP], Toughness 10 [5 EP], Size: Medium, Features: Concealed appearance [Smoky], Hidden Compartments 1 [DC 20], Smokescreen, Oil Slick [4], Powers: Speed 6, Super Movement 2 [Wall Crawling 2] [9]

Powers: 58 + 1 + 9 + 47 + 4 = 119


Tazel Array (57PP Array, Feats: Alt Power 1) [58 PP]

BP:         Summon 12 (TazelExtras: Continuous, Heroic, Feats: Mental Link, Drawbacks: Full round to expel [3], Disorientated 1 round after expelling [1]) [57 PP] “Tazel Expelled”

AP:         Alt Form 8 (Extras: Continuous) [48 PP]

Immunity 13 (All heat effects, Cold environment, Suffocation [Smoke], Disease) [13PP]

Super Senses 5 (Counters Visual Obscure) [5 PP]

Enhanced Trait 22 (+12 STR, +10 CON) [22 PP]


Comprehend 5 (Speak, Understand, Read all languages and animals, Flaws: Animal Comprehend limited to animals associated with Dev’lry [e.g. rats, snakes, pigs]) [8 PP]


Feature 1 (Mimicry) [1 PP]


Immunity 1 (Aging)


Immunity 10 (All Infernal and Celestial Effects, Drawback: Power loss [entire spinal tattoo covered]) [9 PP]


Infernal Forge Array (40 PP Array, Feats: Alt Power 7) [47 PP]

BP: Snare 12 (Extra: Constricting, Feats: Turn on/off constricting as free action, Tether, Reversible, Chokehold) [40/40 PP] “Chains”

AP: Damage 11 (Extras: Area [Cone], Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Decrease Area 11, Incurable) “Breathe Hellfire” [36/40 PP]

AP: Damage 11 (Extras: Range [Perception] 2, Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable) “Hellfire Ignition” [36/40 PP]

AP: Blast 12 (Extras: Autofire, Feats: Improved Critical 2, Ricochet, Variable Descriptor [Metal]) “Throw Metal Shards” [40/40 PP]

AP: Move Object 11 (Extras: Damaging, Range [Perception], Feats: Precise, Flaws: Limited to Metal) “Command Metal” [34/40 PP]

AP: Suffocate 10 (Extras: Range [Perception] 2) “Smoke” [40/40 PP]
AP: Transform 10 (Metal object -> Metal Object [Change shape only], Extras: Duration, Flaws: Range [Touch]) (40/40 PP) “Meld Metal”

AP: Environmental Control 5 (100’ radius, Distraction DC 5, Extreme Heat Extras: Range [Perception]) linked with Obscure 5 (Visual and Olfactory Senses, 100’ Radius, Extras: Range [Perception]) [20+20=40/40 PP] “Hot Smoke”


Protection 5 (Drawbacks: Power loss [Entire spinal tattoo covered]) [4 PP]

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE               EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 16/22 Tough*    Damage

Knuckledusters      Touch      DC 17/23 Tough*    Damage

Chain Equipment     10’        DC 18/24 Tough*    Damage

Chain Power         Ranged     DC 22 Reflex       Snare (Constrict)

Metal Shards        Ranged     DC 27 Tough        Damage

Hellfire Breath     Touch/Cone DC 26 Tough        Damage

Hellfire Ignition   Perception DC 26 Tough        Damage

Smoke               Perception DC 25 Fort         Suffocate


Totals: Abilities 24 + Combat 40 + Saving Throws 20 + Skills 22 + Feats 25 + Powers 119 = 250/250 Power Points

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The Demon Tazel


Power Level: 8 (180/180)

Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage, +3 Defence / -3 Damage

In Brief: Fiery Demon

Age: Unknown (Probably countless ages)

Gender: None

Ethnicity: None

Height: 1 foot

Weight: Zero

Eyes: Red



Tazel is an immortal infernal being of indeterminate age (does time even have meaning in such dimensions?). He was, by Earth reckoning, bound to the Cantos bloodline by Carlos Canto a few decades back, and is compelled towards completely obeying them. Now, it is true that for twenty years or more that order was to do nothing at all but wait, but on release by Pitch, despite every fury of Tazel, the pact still held.


Personality & Motivation:

Tazel is a spiteful, manipulative, and cruel demon who delights in deception and anguish. Unfortunately, he is completely beholden to the Cantos bloodline (at this point, that means Pitch).


Powers & Tactics:

Tazel uses deception and stealth firstly, but can also ignite with furious hellfire of various hue if he needs to fight. His insubstantial form and small size can make him a slippery for in combat, which delights him.


Power Descriptions:

If visible, Tazel’s fire power is usually an angry red-ember, and caresses his fiery form. He can expel this fire out from his body in a fiery explosion if need be.


Abilities: -10 + 10 + 10 + 2 + 2 + 6 = 20

Strength: --

Dexterity: 20 (+5)

Constitution: 20 (+5)

Intelligence: 12 (+1)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 16 (+3)


Combat: 6 + 14 = 20

Initiative: +9

Attack: +3 base, +4 Size, + 11 total Fire Aura , + 7 Total Fire Burst

Defense: +11 (+7 base, +4 Size), +8 Flat Footed

Grapple: -9

Knockback: +1


Saving Throws: 1 + 3 + 5 = 9

Toughness: +5 (+5 Con)

Fortitude: +6 (+5 Con, +1)

Reflex: +8 (+5 Dex, +3)

Will: +6 (+1 Wis, +5)


Skills: 15 PP = 60 Ranks

Bluff 12 (+15)

Diplomacy 8 (+11)

Intimidate 12 (+9 total with Size)

Knowledge [Arcane] 4 (+5)

Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 4 (+5)

Notice 8 (+9)

Sense Motive 8 (+9)

Stealth 4 (+21 with Size)


Feats: 6

Attack Specialisation 2 (Fire Aura)

Evasion 2

Improved Initiative 1

Instant Up


Powers: 8 + 9 + 1 + 29 + 10 + 17 + 15 + 15 + 6 = 110


All powers have the infernal descriptor.


Comprehend 5 (Speak to and Understand Animals, Speak and Read and Understand Languages, Flaws: Animal comprehend ranks limited to animals associated with Devil’ry [e.g. Rats, snakes, goats]) [8 PP]


Concealment 4 (All visual senses, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Feats: Selective, Flaws: Passive) [9 PP]


Feature: Mimicry (+10 to bluff checks when impersonating) [1 PP]


Fire Array (28 PP Array, Feats: Alt Power 1) [29 PP]

BP: Damage 5 (Extras: Continuous Aura [+4], Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Selective Aura) [28/28 PP]

AP: Damage 8 (Extras: Area [Burst, Targetted], Selective Attack, Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2) [28/28 PP]


Flight 3 (50 mph, 400 feet / round, Extras: Continuous, Feats: Subtle) [10 PP]


Immunity 17 (Aging, All Fire Effects, Cold Environment, Disease, poison, Sleep, Starvation, Suffocation [Smoke]) 17 PP


Insubstantial 3 (Energy/Fire, Flaws: Permanent [+0]) 15 PP


Shrinking 12 (Diminutive, Feats: Innate, Normal Tough, Normal Move) ]15 PP]


Super Senses 6 (Visual counters all obscure, Radius Vision) [6 PP]


DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                EFFECT

Fire Aura           Touch      DC 20 Tough         Damage

Fire Burst          Area Burst DC 23 Tough         Damage

Totals: Abilities 20 + Combat 20 + Saving Throws 9 + Skills 15 + Feats 6 + Powers 110 = 180/180

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Black Smoker MC
Power Level: 5 (75/75 PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0 


The Black Smokers usually have several tattoos, including that of their Motorcycle Club. They wear street casual clothes or work overalls when doing mechanical work. They wear leather jackets with an ornate “Blacksmoker” logo on the back. They are in good physical shape.


The Blacksmoke MC was set up decades ago by Carlos Canto, an outlaw biker who had a skill with black magic. The MC started being associated with sorcery and infernal packs, all though in truth this was all instigated by Carlos.


This came to an end when the FBI busted Carlos, and ended up killing him (apparently). The MC survived by is now a pale shadow of its former glory. These days, they could hardly be classed as an outlaw gang at all, more a club of bikers who have an unruly defiant nature (and a few convictions for petty crimes like drunken brawls).


Personality & Motivation:
The Blacksmoke MC members are best thought of as law compliant anarchists. They live mainly by there own rules, but do not clash (other than superficially) with the law. They might fight a bit, or do work on stolen cars, but nothing more than that. On the flip side, they try to be helpful to the local community when they can, holding charity events for good causes, and helping out the local community when they can. 


Powers & Tactics:
The Blacksmoker veterans have no powers. They are reasonably experienced fighters. Whilst they carry knives and shotguns, they almost always refrain from lethal damage (i.e. attacking with fists or salt ammunition). They brawl often, but use lethal force only if they themselves are under lethal assault – partially because they aren’t killers, partially because they don’t want the heat of a murder investigation.

Abilities: 4 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 14
Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 14 (+2)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 12 (+1)

Combat: 10 + 10 = 20
Initiative: +4
Attack: +5
Defense: +5, +3 Flat Footed

Grapple: +7
Knockback: -1

Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 5 = 13
Toughness: +3 (+2 Con, +1 Leather Jacket)
Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4)
Reflex: +4 (+4)
Will: +6 (+1 Wis, +5)

Skills: 64 Ranks = 16 PP

Bluff 4 (+5)

Craft [Electronic] 2 (+3)

Craft [Mechanical] 8 (+9)

Craft [Structural] 4 (+5)

Disable Device 4 (+5)

Drive 8 (+8)

Intimidate 8 (+9)

Knowledge [Pop Culture] 4 (+5)

Knowledge [Streetwise] 9 (+10)

Language 1 (Varies)

Notice 4 (+5)

Sense Motive 4 (+5)

Stealth 4 (+4)

Feats: 9 PP

Equipment 6

Favoured Opponent [Bikers]

Improved Initiative

Jack of All Trades


Equipment: 6PP = 30EP

Standard Core Rule Book Motorcycle [9 EP]

Mechanical Tools [0 EP]

Multi Tool [1 EP]

Knife [Strike 1, Mighty, Improved Critical 1, Thrown] [4 EP]

Leather Jacket [Protection 1] [1 EP]

Core-Rule Shotgun [13 EP] with Rocksalt (non lethal) ammunition [1 EP]

BP: Blast 6

AP: Blast 5 (Feats: Masterwork 2 (+2 Accuracy), Flaws: Limited to Blast 3 vs Protection)

DC Block

ATTACK           RANGE       SAVE                     EFFECT
Unarmed          Touch       DC 17 Toughness          Damage
Knife            Touch/Throw DC 18 Toughness          Damage

Shotgun Slug     Ranged      DC 21 Toughness          Damage

Shotgun Pellets  Ranged      DC 20/18 Toughness       Damage


Abilities 14 + Skills 16 + Feats 9 + Combat 20 + Saves 13 = 17


Individual Members (Each with 3 customised PP)


Axel “Grease” Robinson, President
Language: Spanish
Skills: Diplomacy 4 (+5), Knowledge [Arcane] 2 (+3), Bluff 4 (+5), Sense Motive 8 (+9)

Barbara “Babs” Vine, Vice President
Language: Italian
Skills: Bluff 4 (+5), Gather Information 8 (+9), Know [Current Events] 2 (+3)

Charlie “Ice” Sanchez, Treasurer
Language: Spanish
Skills: Know [Business] 4 (+5), Know [Civics] 4 (+5), Diplomacy 4 [+5]

Daisy “Saw” Mort, Sgt. At. Arms
Language: None
Skills: Know [Tactics] 4 (+5), Medicine 4 (+5), Survival 2 (+3), Stealth 6 (+6)

Eddie “Edge” McFly, Master of Ink
Language: none
Skills: Craft [Art] 8 (+9), Knowledge [Art] 2 (+3), Diplomacy 2 (+3)

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