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[OOC] A God Among Insects


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Okay, Stunting from the Hyper Array, -1 of Hyperslice's 2HP.


Teleport 10(Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Short-Range Only; Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression 1(200lbs of cargo), Turnabout)[24PP] + Obscure 2(Bright light, 10ft, Visual Senses; Extras: Selective Attack)[6PP]


Hyperslice will create a bright light in front of and around the prisoner, knock out the guards in the area(using AP: Damage 10(Extras: Area(Burst, 100ft), Selective Attack; Flaws: Action(Full-Round); Feats: Mighty[DMG 14], Progression 4(Area Radius))[25PP]), then teleport before her, strike off her chains and offer her a chance to escape. If she agrees, Hyperslice will take her hand and teleport to the other end of the city. If no, Hyperslice will grab her anyway and fly her to somewhere with an oasis.


Diplomacy check: 18. I don't think they share a common language, so penalties may apply.

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Three rounds? Thevshi, you hold yourself back. I say make it four. Not even a Move-Action on the Diplomacy, you'll notice.


But seriously does this merit rounds? I was under the impression these guys weren't exactly up to fighting superheroes.

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It would be a Move to teleport, a Standard to unleash the Obscure (which has not had its action bought down to Move), and a Standard to unleash the flurry in a way that allows you to knock out the guards (Who are effectively PL4 Minions) and free the prisoner. It would then be another round to take the Move Action, at which point your bright flash of light might have drawn notice from all those who weren't in the immediate vicinity. 

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