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Spirited Away (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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Flintlock is proposing (IC) using ritual thusly:


Super Senses 4 (Precognition, Limited: Unreliable [GM][2 PP]


I am adding in the unreliable limitation so that GM can drop enough hints and clues to propel the thread on, but whatever cool obscuring of the past you want HGM, then its there (i.e. enough to know what to do next, but not if that's the right thing!). Let me know if thats reasonable or not. 


If the cop and Sensus don't object (or have a better idea), then that would mean:


Design of Ritual DC 12, Eight hours! work. Halving the design time to four hours increases in to DC 17, which Flintlock can automatically make. 


The ritual itself takes a mere 20 minutes. Its DC 17 so again can be automatically made. 



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